Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dog

Well, yesterday we bought a dog! Half a dog, really, as we've put down a deposit, and can't pick him up for a few weeks. But look, here he is, he's awesome!

To be honest, I'm in love. You know me, the cynical anti-dog guy, but all of a sudden that all went away as I held the little fella.

E found the puppies through Gumtree, and we drove over yesterday 'just to have a look' (my words), but yeah.. famous last words. The pups are 3/4 King Charles Cavalier and 1/4 Jack Russell. I pretty much straight away knew which one I wanted-- this frisky little rough and tumble one. They were born on our 10 year anniversary, so that's kinda cool. So, we are all pretty excited.

In the car afterwards we were writing down a list of name options. Little e suggested "David". Little i suggested "Christmas Tree". I think we'll keep workshopping that one.


Pedro said...

Good breed mate!!! He's a cute little guy. heaps of fun those ones too...
You're done now. poopsmith.

KIM said...

Ohhh ohhh ohhh he is cute!!! Definitely a good decision!!!

As for names -- my cousins ended up with a puppy called Blue Bonnet (after a brand of American butter) which was named at a similar age -- and stayed Blue Bonnet (Blue for short) till the day she died, too, poor dog!

RodeoClown said...

We've got a King Charles X Tibetan Spaniel. They are great with kids, and are very cute.

Good work!

Laetitia :-) said...

Did little i always have dreams of finding one under the Christmas tree, or something?

simone r said...

Like our pup! Beautiful!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Pete- yeah the poo is what I'm most dreading.

Kim- who wouldn't want to be named after butter?

Rodeo- Cool, good to hear. From what I read King Charles have a really good temprament.

Laetitia- I think Little i's mind works a bit motre randomly and abstractly than that. Hard to say where she gets her ideas from!

Simone-I just went and looked at your posts related to the dog, I think we have a similar attitude, not being dog people to start with. Also totally get what you wrote about your dog being a fellow girl in a house of boys--I'm looking forward to that with David Christmas Tree, having a bit of bromance in my girly house.

RodeoClown said...

They are really good with little kids. Aravis (our daughter, not Simone's dog) would jump on him, and pull his tail and ears, and he'd put up with it. He nipped her gently once after he was a year old, but she was really being rough, and pretty much deserved it.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!!! So cute!! I'm so jealous of you!!

sophg said...

What about Easter Bunny?