Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Quiz

1. If you were to open a shop, what would you sell?
2. 3 things that go together well
3. 3 places you love to be
4. Rate your multitasking skills
5. A purchase you've gotten great value out of


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. If you were to open a shop, what would you sell?
2. 3 things that go together well
3. 3 places you love to be
4. Rate your multitasking skills
5. A purchase you've gotten great value out of

Pedro said...

1. surfboards
2. Food, mates and time
3. 1. In my son's room when he wakes
2. The ocean at sunrise
3. My shaping bay
4. crap
5. My ciintiq!!!

Beth said...

1. BOOKS!!!

2. Tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic.

3. On the lake, at home, with friends.

4. 7

5. Rice cooker. Paid $10 for a $90 rice cooker at a rummage sale. Use it at least once a week.

Alistair Bain said...

1. Books and coffee.
2. bacon, cheese and banana, grilled.
3. bed, beach, dinner table
4. fair.
5. my first car - HR Holden. Still driving it daily.

Karen said...

1.Old and recycled things. Books, furniture, crockery and stuff.
2.Pizza, pasta, garlic bread. Carb overload...
3.A lighthouse anywhere, in my hammock at home, in a rainforest (preferably looking at a cooling waterfall)
4.So-so. Depends on the day.
5.A wide toothed comb I bought back in the 80s when I went through a rather scary permed hair phase. I still use it every day to get the knots out of my now straight hair!

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. Books
2. time, books, couch
3. at home reading, in a library, at a bookshop
4. Pretty good
5. can't think of anything.

Laetitia :-) said...

1. If you were to open a shop, what would you sell? - an eclectic mix of books, craft (mainly fabric crafts) and pre-made items (e.g. women's skirts and pants with pockets!) with a little mini-cafe at the side selling goodies suitable for those with various dietary issues.
2. 3 things that go together well - garlic, tomato and olives - I should have been born in Italy.
3. 3 places you love to be - home, family friends' at Kenilworth (Sunshine Coast Hinterland), on a quilting retreat weekend.
4. Rate your multitasking skills - not bad if I'd had a decent night's sleep.
5. A purchase you've gotten great value out of - a jacket I bought soon after graduation (so I'd have something to wear to interviews) - over 15 years later and still doing well, partly because it isn't an obviously dated style.

simone r said...

1. Ukuleles
2. Spinach, cottage cheese, pizza base
3. Coffee shop, sitting in a park, in my classroom
4. 4/5 pretty good.
5. A kids talk on feeding the 5000 that I wrote back in 2008. I've used it 10+ times.

simone r said...

Sorry. #5 wasn't a purchase. But still...

Georgina said...

1. Ferret accessories! I suspect it would be unsuccessful! I'd call it Ferret It Out
2. Ferrets, me and my house!
3. Wattamollla on a warm summers day, in the ocean Scuba diving and under a doona on a chilly Sunday morning
4. Pretty awesome. I'm pretty good at holding it all and swapping quickly
5. I bought some Velcro sandals to go to PNG with. I've ended up wearing them all summer.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. 2nd hand books and comics
2. Leek,butter and thyme. Also, Cigars, chocolate and coffee.
3. Comic shops, plant shops, in the garden
4.1 out of a million
5.2nd hand rain jacket, $3 in 1998. Still going strong. Also hair clippers, $30 in 1999. Saved a LOT on haircuts over the years.

Dawn Merz said...

1. Used books and coffee. Because if there were no customers and business didn't go well, at least I would be surrounded by book with a coffee in my hand! Can't go wrong!
2. Graham crackers (kindof like digestive biscuits but 100 times nicer... lighter), roasted melted marshmellow, chocolate. Make it into a sandwich. S'mores anyone?
3. Iowa with family. England with friends and just because. Germany with my god-daughter whom I have neglected for so long.
4. Extremely high. Unless I am pregnant, during which time they are non-existent, which is a Very Odd Sensation for Dawn.
5. Planet Earth and Blue Planet with David Attenborough. Never ever regretted buying those DVD series. Whenever we watch them all four of us love love love it and marvel and I feel like we don't need to pay for the zoo and aquarium... it comes to our living room. Worship, wonder, entertainment. Even babysitting, as the kids will sit mesmerized for ages while I surf the net and read your blog. Great.

KIM said...

1. Was going to say books, but not sure I'd be okay parting with them so regularly ... same would go for artwork ... umm, maybe a coffeeshop? But don't like those hours! I think I'm not cut out to open a shop ...!

2. red, white and black

3. on the beach in the late afternoon, awake and writing at 1 am, on the ferry to manly late on a friday :)

4. 6/10

5. most of my clothes ... most of my shoes ... my bag!

Deb L said...

1. Clothes. Sensible ones. But I would totally suck at retail.
2. Cup of tea, book, comfy chair.
3. My house. My work (I do love it there). My bed.
4. So-so. Depends on the day.
5. Every one of our umbrella strollers. We buy 'em cheap and use them till they die.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Pedro-Yep, I'm glad I invested in a Cintiq as well. It's great.

Beth- I was going to say those ingredients as well. So good. Especially on bruschetta.

Al- Bacon, cheese and banana? Seriously? Gotta say my stomach just churned a bit at the thought..

Karen- I'd visit that shop.

Cjed- There's a library near my work that I spend a lot of time in. It's a nice relaxing place to spend a lunchtime.

Laetitia- Wow, niche market!

Simone- Gotta love a bit of reuse. By the way, I need to dust off my uke, I reckon. It's been a while.

George- I've only been to Wottamolla once, but I loved it. Got to get back there soon.

Dawn- I really like that there's a cracker called 'Graham'. I have Planet Earth as well- it's a beauty!

Kim- I like the Manly ferry. It always feels exciting, heading over there.

Deb- yep, bed's the place to be. I love climbing in at the end of a long day. Bliss.