Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Quiz

1. An impressive skill you have, that few get to witness
2. Something you learnt at school that had a lasting impact
3. Something that didn't
4. I am so quick to forget..
5. Today is good because..


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. An impressive skill you have, that few get to witness
2. Something you learnt at school that had a lasting impact
3. Something that didn't
4. I am so quick to forget..
5. Today is good because..

Alistair Bain said...

1. Bagpipe playing.
2. Deadlines matter.
3. maths.
4. my car rego number.
5. It's a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

1. Surfboard shaping
2. People (kids at school) are products of their environment
3. Catholicism
4. When to pay bills...
5. I got to hug my little boy this morning

Deb said...

1. My impression of a haddock.
2. Touch typing.
3. Making mud-bricks.
4. That it's all by grace alone.
5. We changed our toy library toys over.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. I'm actually a very good spitter. I can get great distance, with very little spray or dispersion.

2. In year 8 world studies, we did a thing on medieval times. A fascination of that stuff has been there ever since.

3. Long division

4. the grace I'm shown

5. my wife's home

Anonymous said...

Ew, Ben! Spitting is up there with biting your toenails and turning your eyelids inside out on my 'Top Grossest Things' list.

Georgina said...

1. I'm a very good swimmer. Graceful, elegant. I'm always getting compliments from men when swimming about it. And I don't ever get compliments outside the water (and it's not because I look good in a swimming costume, because I absolutely do not)

2. Touch typing
3. Shyness (or at least it's cousin, being quiet)
4. My family, and they also forget me

Georgina said...

And 5. That today is almost done :)

Wendy said...

1. Cutting with scissors, yes, really!
2. Typing is definitely up there, but just to choose something different, I'd say juggling lots of different priorities.
3. German
4. Numbers
5. My slow cooker has done a magnificent job of preparing a meal while I wasn't home.

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. My ability to shout at my family when i'm cross with them.
2. How to get along with different people
3. Maths - I can do basic arithmetic but get to algebra especially quadratic eqations and i'm lost
4. my keys when I am doing extra things.
5. I got to spend time with my niece.

Kevin Smith said...

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Karen said...

1. I can make a really yummy loaf of bread (by hand, no electric breadmakers here...).
2. How to write well.
3. Maths 2, Physics, Chemistry...
4. That staying calm (as opposed to shouting and carrying on) works far more effectively when dealing with my children...
5. I slowed down after the dinner rush and spent time reading books with my two littlest people this evening. Most enjoyable.

Karen said...

And I also meant to say in that previous comment...Kevin appears to be becoming a regular quiz visitor lately!?

Ruth said...

1. I have mastered the 10 minute power nap... And feel refreshed afterwards!
2. The beauty of maths
3. Japanese
4. What day of the week it is
5. ....because it is one day closer to my day off (Wednesday) !

Joanna said...

1. My excellent sleeping skills.
2. Being left out is really painful.
3. Maths
4. how very blessed I am!
5. I had an unbroken night's sleep. My baby is finally, finally sleeping through!!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Al-I'm often thankful for that. I need fresh starts! 'New every morning'

Pedro-I'm so glad E is good with bills and stuff. Because I'm really, really not.

Deb- Haddock? Your lucky family.

Belle- (inner dialog) 'i wonder if I should disclose that i do all 3..'

George-I appreciate good swimmers. I'm sure I look floundering and silly when I swim.

Wendy-I'm a pretty good cutter too. Keen eye for detail, but also with fair speed.

Crazyjed- don't talk to me about
lost keys..

Karen- Do you ever make bread without yeast? I can never be bothered with the yeast. PS- oh yeah, Kevin rocks. He makes me feel good about myself:)

Ruth-I envy that skill. I wake up from naps feeling like I've been hit by a truck

Joanna- Hooray for sleeping children!!

KIM said...

1. I can put my feet behind my head.
2. Macbeth is a really cool play.
3. (Is this a trick philosophical question?)
4. Where I left my ring.
5. I went to a baseball game with my family!