Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Bit Of A Tele Round-Up

It's not the done thing to admit you watch television. It's much more acceptable to say kinda smuggishly 'oh, I never watch television, I've never heard of such and such. What was I doing last night? Why, reading Tolstoy by candlelight of course'.

But, I like tele. I don't get to watch that much, but we recently bought a DVD recorder, which is fantastic. We were missing all the good stuff because prime time was when we are cooking, having dinner and trying to get the kids off. But now, we can just record what we want, and watch at our leisure. Much better. Not to mention being able to fast forward all the ads. Happy days!

So, anyway, here's a quick round-up of some random things I'm watching, or anticipating watching.

*You know how I work for Southern Star, well we've got some good stuff happening at the moment. Puberty Blues started last night- haven't watched it, but recorded, and looking forward to it.

* Howzat! Kerry Packer's War. Looks good. Another Southern Star production, and with lots of the actors from Offspring.

*Speaking of Offspring, a little bird told me yesterday that SS have been contracted to do another two series (series 4 and 5), so that's cool. The best Australian drama around, I reckon.

*I know that you are all probably too highbrow to watch Big Brother (come to think of it, that cockroach I killed the other night was probably too highbrow to watch Big Brother), but I'll be watching. It's gotten off to a bit of a shaky start-- after all the hype about how different the contestants were going to be, they are all the same as every other time! And though I don't mind Sonia Kruger, she is looking pretty awkward as host so far. 

One interesting thing though is that one of the guys in the house has a stutter. At first I groaned when I saw it, feeling like he was going to become a bit of a joke. But he's actually one of the more likable housemates (not difficult), and I'll be interested to see what, if anything people say about his speech.

Okay, I'm done now, you can go back to Tolstoy.


RodeoClown said...

I watch very little TV each week (generally less than an hour or so - although we do watch a few shows on iView).

But it's not because I'm reading Tolstoy, it's because I'm shooting dudes in video games. Much more fun, and involves interacting with real humans rather than watching ads, which drive me mad.

Gary Ware said...

Apparently it helps if you assert that you only watch SBS or ABC.
(Listen to Radio National and read Fairfax papers.)

Sarah said...

I love watching recorded TV too!

Puberty Blues: waiting.
Offspring: only just got into this. Season 1 watched and loved in about 3 days.
BB: guilty.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of both stuttering and ABC radio, there was an interview on 702 last week with Mark Onslow, who's the Foundation Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at Sydney University.

It may all be stuff you've heard before, Ben, but I found it fascinating. Thought I'd share in case you were interested!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Rodeo- I have another mate who's about as hardcore into games as you. I sort of envy the passion.

Gary- Exactly right. Any conversation about not watching much tele will usually include 'except World news on SBS'. It's kind of like the highest peak that cannot be topped.

Sarah- yay, another recorder and BB admitter:)

Belle- thanks for the link, I'll check it out:) I'm pretty familiar with Mark Onslow, he's doing a lot for stutterers at the moment.

By the way, did you ever hear that radio show on stuttering that I was interviewed for a couple of years back? May have been before your time. If you're interested, here's a link.

Libby said...

Hi there Ben,
I've been reading for a while and love your quizzes (and will comment on them one day).
I really like a bit of TV once the kids are asleep and I am watching Masterchef All Stars as my main show at the moment. Am hoping to watch Howzat - hoping it hasn't started already...!?

I turned onto BB and saw a few minutes before I quickly turned back to channel 10 (I'd turned it on by habit - was used to BB being on 10) - I agree - Sonia was very awkward and it was all the same as before - I'm over it. Trouble is my husband teaches Philosophy and Ethics to high school kids and is quite interested in seeing what the housemates say because it gives him great fodder for teaching. Looks like I'm going to have to take up Tolstoy!

Stuart Heath said...

I love television. I think it's where most of the classy writing, creative story-telling, and good-quality production is going on at the moment. Maybe 7 or 8 times out of 10, I'd rather put on a DVD (or stream) of a TV show than of a film, these days.

But I'm thinking more of HBO than Southern Star, I'm afraid. I'll check out at least one episode of Puberty Blues, though. Promise :)

Ben McLaughlin said...

Libby- thanks for commenting, and welcome:)I think Howzat starts this Sunday, so you haven't missed it. By the way, it sounds like your husband is using his profession as an excuse to enjoy BB. Fodder for teaching? Very convenient!

Stuart-Mate, I agree. Movies are regularly disappointing, whereas some fantastic series have been made over the last decade.

Deb said...

I hadn't seen that radio interview. I'll have to listen to that.

Deb said...

Yay, Ben! Loved the interview! I had no idea you sang! Did I miss that blog post somewhere along the line? I could pick you out of the first set of speakers straight away (before they called you 'Ben') because as soon as you started talking about telling jokes it sounded just like the way you write. :)

Ben McLaughlin said...

Thanks Deb! It was nice to hear that I talk like I write.. I've never really thought I did.