Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Quiz

1. What year did you get your first mobile phone?
2. I feel out of the loop when..
3. A song you like the lyrics to
4. Something you won't miss about Winter
5. Something you will miss about it


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. What year did you get your first mobile phone?
2. I feel out of the loop when..
3. A song you like the lyrics to
4. Something you won't miss about Winter
5. Something you WILL miss about it

Steve said...

1: 1994 and it was a huge brick of a thing! 2: My daughter shows me anything new on the interwebs and my son is correcting my 3: "Pennywhistle" by Augie March- Glenn Richards is a great folk poet. 4: The electricity bills. 5: Roast dinners.

Simone R. said...

1. 2004
2. I've missed church for a couple of weeks.
3. Accidentally in Love
4. Driving to the gym in the dark, cranky kids not wanting to get out of bed, being cold all of the time, the kids' request for warm milk on their breakfast, not feeling like swimming... [I'm not a fan of winter.]
5. Jogging on a coolish afternoon is nice.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. 2007
2. People rave on about West Wing
3. Flame Trees by Cold Chisel
4. Cold weather and short days
5. The lack of sweat

Pedro said...

1. 1994
2. I haven't left my house for a couple of days...
3. 'Aint nobody'
4. very short days
5. Winter swells and offshores

Anonymous said...

1. 1996.
2. People talk about how they spent their long weekend away.
3. 'I've Got News For You' by Andrew Peterson
4. Everyone complaining about it being winter.
5. Having the clock set at the right time for six months. I despise daylight saving.

KIM said...

1. I don't remember ...I think it was when I started driving in case of emergency ... so 2000? 2001?

2. My students know worse words in English than I do.

3. Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, who were a notorious couple of cats!

4. The turmoil that happened to coincide.

5. My high-heeled black boots!

Ruth said...

1. 2004
2. when my children with SN are going through a hard phase because I'm pretty housebound and unaware of the world around me.
3. Who am I
4. being cold
5. how snuggly it feels under a warm doona

Amy said...

1. 2001 I think...
2. I have a sick day/holiday (who's resigned this time?!)
3. 'Stray Italian Greyhound' by Vienna Teng
4. Cold. Miserable cold.
5. Excuse to wear coats / scarves / brightly coloured stockings (and by extension, the freedom to not worry about the state of my legs)

Laetitia :-) said...

1. What year did you get your first mobile phone? - 1995 - an analogue brick
2. I feel out of the loop when.. - this is a permanent state of being; I'm a mushroom. It's one reason I like facebook; I might have a chance of knowing who is going out with / marrying / divorcing whom.
3. A song you like the lyrics to - how am I meant to pick this!
4. Something you won't miss about Winter - getting up in the cold to go to the gym.
5. Something you WILL miss about it - the long nights and the cold (although I'm looking forward to going swimming again).

Ben McLaughlin said...

Steve-Oh yeah the bills be big in our place too. Electric blankets,electric heaters,night lights.. bad.

Simone-Yeah, not a fan either. I like mornings, but winter mornings are not so fun.

Pedro- Short days suck. I need some daylight after work, or I get wow 1994! I wasn't even born then.

Gary-I won't be sad to say goodbye to the 'its cold today' smalltalk

Kim- Aaaaarrgh! Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Ruth-there's nothing like a snug bed. We;ve got an electric blanket, and climbing in at bed time is up there with the great joys of life.

Amy-I too will miss the freedom of not worrying about the state of my legs

Laetitia- That's what makes me occassionally consider joining Facebook. I often feel out of the loop not being on.

onlinesoph said...

1. 2001
2. people at college talk about their latest assignment/what they're learning. Makes me feel a bit like a WAG.
3. I like the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness.
4. cold feet in bed, having to put on lots of layers of clothes, having a heater on constantly.
5. Hearty soups and casseroles - I love "Winter" food, knee high boots

Georgina said...

Ahh Ben, feeling like crap, had a bad day, yelled at someone I was helping, and then the quiz - it makes it all better! thank you!

Hope your move goes well.

1. 2002
2. I used to feel out of the loop without internet at home (only got last year) and before I had a mobile.
3. Macavity's a mystery cat, he's called the hidden paw (MWHAHAHAHA)
4. Not being able to swim in the ocean without a wetsuit
5. Winter clothes, snuggling under a doona, the softness of a ferret's winter coat (much thicker than summer coat)

maso said...

1. 1999 (but my dad had a car phone in his EA Falcon in 1993)
2. my mates start talking computer programming
3. Brothers in Arms, by Dire Straits
4. the cold.
5. sorry, nothing comes to mind ... bring on summer please

Beth said...

1. I'd say 1996/1997
2. Everyone's talking about something they saw on the news and i haven't turned the tv on in days.
3. Flies on the Butter
4. Shoveling
5. The snow and cold

Nathan said...

1. 2000
2. There's a group of people standing in a circle talking and I'm not in the circle.
3. I'm going to go with Graceland by Paul Simon. Just because it's in my head.
4. I don't know. He talks a lot about Ancient Rome (that's only funny if you know that the principal of my college is Bruce Winter).
5. Lots. Winter is my favourite season.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Soph- I like that hymn too. I also love the Lamentations bit that it quotes. One of the few things I've bothered to memorize.

Georgina-Thanks, and sorry you had a crumby day. i hope today's a better one. So.. do their little winter coats now hang on little ferret coathangers during the warmer months?

Maso-I recently got caught in a group of people discussing programming. I suddenlt felt like a 5 yr old listening to his parents conversation.

Beth-Snow seems so romantic to me, as I've never seen it. But I guess that would wear of if I saw it day in, day out.

Nathan-I think Winter being your favourite season proves what I've long suspected. That you and me, though friends, are the opposites of each other.