Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Quiz

1. Cornetto or Drumstick
2. I wish I was better with..
3. The movie you've seen the most times
4. I don't like being asked..
5. If you could go back a decade, what advice would you give your younger self?


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Cornetto or Drumstick
2. I wish I was better with..
3. The movie you've seen the most times
4. I don't like being asked..
5. If you could go back a decade, what advice would you give your younger self?

Joanna said...

Yay - first in!
1. Cornetto - happy childhood memories!
2. knitting needles
3. I don't usually watch movies more than once, but it's probably something like Zoolander!
4. Why I don't have children.
5. Calm down, you're going to be fine!

Alistair Bain said...

1. Drumstick
2. managing my time.
3. Cars
4. more than once. But I'm incredibly forgetful so it always happens.
5. Shut Up!

Crazyjedidiah said...

2.Keeping in contact with people
3.Pride and Prejudice with Matthew Mcfadyen mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
4.How is the job hunt going/have you found a job?
5.Drop down to Maths in society.

onlinesoph said...

1. can't tell the difference! Don't have either all that often
2. telling people I don't like something they did
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. to do something via email/sms. Ask me in person. Or pick up the phone
5. I'd give myself fashion advice!

KIM said...

1. You know, it took me ages to realize there were two different brands -- but I think I'm going to sidestep and go Magnum!

2. Children. Just wish I liked them, really!

3. Probably Princess Bride, though Calamity Jane, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Clueless and A Knight's Tale are all up there.

4. My politics. I don't discuss them in public!

5. Save more cash!! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Drumstick
2. talking to people
3. tough... probably Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
4. about exercising.
5. don't put things off till your wife gets better. Do whatever you can along the way.

goldy said...

1. couldnt care less
2. prayer
3. donnie darko
4. "what's news?"
5. I'm going to copy soph - fashion advice!

Nathan said...

1. Cornetto.
2. Picking things up off the floor.
3. Probably Baseketball, though I have to suppress childhood memories of Mary Poppins to say that.
4. Where I leave my purse.
5. Life's too short for bad coffee.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. I had a very recent epiphany where I realised they were actually two different things. I now need to do some research as to which is the superior ice cream.
2. Numbers
3. Maybe Donnie Darko. Though I have seen Double Jeopardy about 10 times on tele. They seem to play it every month or so, and I watch it every time.
4.To repeat myself. It's hard enough getting the words out the first time.
5. Don't spend so much energy worrying about stuff you can't control

Laetitia :-) said...

1. Cornetto or Drumstick - can't have either and I can't remember which I preferred when I could (possibly whichever first had a mint version) - do both of them have the chocolate-lined cone or just one?
2. I wish I was better with..time, people and interviews.
3. The movie you've seen the most times - probably The Sound of Music.
4. I don't like being asked..if I've been out in the sun / cold because my nose is really red. It's rosacea BTW.
5. If you could go back a decade, what advice would you give your younger self? - only a decade? Maybe, you have less than 10 years left with your Grandma - write her life story.

Dawn Merz said...

1. Hmmmm. New to both. Love them, but barely know there is a difference. Let me get back to you at the end of the summer. (I love this kind of research. Could you ask what my favourite Magnum is next week? I'm not sure my budget could bear it, but I would love the experiment!)
2. Conflict.
3. Sound of Music. Or Mary Poppins.
4. What I think/thought of George W. Bush.
5. Yes, Dawn, it is true. Trust God with the day to day and leave the future in His hands. He provided me with such an amazing future/new home country/husband and it was not Plan A,B,C,D,E,F, or G!! Matthew 6:25 and on

Georgina said...

1. Yep, I'm with you Ben. Barely realised there were 2 brands. Whichever one made that awesome ad with all the people around the swimming pool? That one.
2. I wish I was better with trusting God.
3. Shawshank Redemption? Or possibly The Princess Bride.
4. I don't like being asked about my relationship status. My relationship status is single. It has always been single. Are we clear now?
5. In 10 years, you won't believe how much your life has changed. Hang in there.

Thora and Dean said...

1. really not sure, but do they both have chocolate in the bottom? cos i like the one with chocolate tips
2. mother is about to purchase a worm farm. and we are now living with her....ewwwwwwww
3. anne of green gables...
4. to handle money
5. don't look back longingly and don't look forward distrustfully....

Wendy said...

1. Magnum.
2. The Japanese language.
3. Cars? (I have boys...)
4. By Australians about my boys' education. (It is complicated and people generally want a 5 sec answer.)
5. You can survive being a parent of a toddler. They'll get bigger eventually and you'll survive.

Simone R. said...

1. Don't know the differences. I'd go for the one that came in choc mint flavour without nuts on top.
2. faithfulness
3. I don't really like a movie (or book) till I've seen (read) it many times...
4. support causes on facebook. 'Click 'like' if Jesus is your number one best buddy!'
5. Swim every day and you won't feel so foul. (10 years ago I was about to become pregnant with #2.)

Pedro said...

2. Work discipline
3. Breakdance
4. To hurry up and finish that board...
5. Take Kelly's advice when she told you she was going to be hard work. SNAP!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Joanna- I got really into knitting for about a week. I have a fraction of a scarf to show for it.

Al- Time management would be an awesome skill to master. Mine's rubbish.

Crazyjedidiah- Welcome to the quiz:) I was a maths in society fella. woo hoo. ps- that was a disturbingly long 'mmmm'.

Soph-Sadly my fasion now is much the same as a decade ago..

Kim-I have no time for Magnums. I think they are a girl ice cream, like timtams are girl buscuits. Too full on sweet. I need the sweetness to be tempered with some nuts or something.

Gary-Ditto number 4

Goldy-Yep I've seen DD a stack too. It's a movie that keeps on giving.

Nath- You have a purse?

Laetitia-I can see why you'd watch Sound of Music a lot of times. It's a good'n.

Dawn-Yep, that's my kind of research too.

Georgina-Oh yeah, I've seen Shawshank a LOT of times. It's such a good movie because the ending is so long and satisfying.

Thora- Worms are nice. you should embrace them. Little e loves them a little too much. Several have died in her heavy-petting little hands lately.

Wendy- I don't get Magnums. It's just ice cream ith some ice magic on top. You can do it yourself for mch cheaper.

Simone-..And another thing I don't get is mint with chocolate or ice cream. Nasty. It's like someone's squeezed some toothpaste in to the vanilla.

Pedro- echh, work discipline. The bane of my life.