Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Quiz

1. Dinner last night
2. Been reading anything much?
3. Favourite restaurant
4. Most memorable movie character of the past decade
5.If you had to compete on a reality TV show, which one would you choose?


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Dinner last night
2. Been reading anything much?
3. Favourite restaurant
4. Most memorable movie character of the past decade
5.If you had to compete on a reality TV show, which one would you choose?

Sarah said...

1. Toasted sandwiches by candlelight!
2. John, John, John. Have an essay due on the 4th gospel.
3. The Sultan's Table
4. Mr Fredrickson from Up
5. The Amazing Race

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. Beef Stroganoff
2. Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead, and I'm reading a book to review for called Rise of the Raven.
3. Thai Delight on Illawarra Rd Marrickville.
4. Benjamin Button
5. I would like to say Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules, but I don't think I'm a good enough cook, So it will have to be The Amazing Race Australia, but that would be really cool anyway.

Pedro said...

1. Dhal, spicy mince and quinoa..
2. Lots of blogs and stuff...
3. Sushi train
4. Spiderman
5. Amazing Race

Amy said...

1. Lasagne and Eurovision :)
2. Bossypants by Tina Fey
3. Hosakawa Japanese
4. Jack Sparrow? Certainly has redefined piratehood
5. Amazing Race? Then I too could go to a foreign country and yell at locals because they don't understand me. (sarcasm)

KIM said...

1. half a scone, hot chocolate, 4 marshmallows and a glass of milk

2. yes, actually! just finished "the book thief" and am now on "my place." (can you tell i'm reading birthday presents from australians? ;) )

3. san churros. chocolate IS a meal!

4. captain jack sparrow

5. do i have to? jeopardy i guess ...

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. I made potato, onion and celery soup
2. I read some comics with Little e on the weekend. Also slowly working thru Screwtape Letters.
3. I still have fond memories of this Italian restaurant E and I used to go to when we lived in Rozelle.
4. Jack Sparrow. I wrote this question with him in mind. A good character that'll be remembered.
5. Australian Idol. And Master Chef

Ben McLaughlin said...

And Survivor.

simone r said...

1. Chocolate slice. I know...
2. Nup. I tried John Piper's 'Finally Alive' (mostly because I liked the 'i' assonance in the title) but couldn't get into it.
3. Sitar indian maybe...
4. Shrek?
5. Yeah. Amazing race.

Wendy said...

1. Left overs.
2. Got about four books on the go. Including "Prayer" by Yancey and "First the Dead" by Tim Downs.
3. Family restaurants - Sizzler and an Udon restaurant chain here in Japan. Other than that - restaurants?
4. Um.
5. Don't know what's out there.

Joanna said...

1. Pumpkin and pesto pasta
2. Lots, because I've been taking a break from tv for a couple of months. Re-reading all William Gibson's novels (he's a sci-fi author). Plus sixty essays on sex and gender for work.
3. My local cafe, Nosh. Unbelieavably tasty and surprisingly cheap food.
4. Sadly, probably someone like Rambo.
5. I'd like to go on Masterchef, even though I'd get out straightaway!

Alistair Bain said...

1. No. Went to a 90th birthday party in the afternoon and didn't need to eat last night.
2. Nope. Not enough.
3. Muse, Summer Hill.
4. No idea.
5. Masterchef.

maso said...

1. Ham and cheese toasted sandwiches (you had to pick a Sunday night didn't you!)
2. 'Australian Residential Property Development' ... reading up a bit for work
3. The Newmarket Hotel
4. Jason Bourne
5. The Amazing Race

Dawn Merz said...

1. Okay, caught! Cereal! but only because we had a big late Sunday lunch!
2. Bleak House by Dickens cause I won't let myself watch the BBC mini-series until I've read it.
3. Maduban in Liss, England. Best Indian food ever... I am soooo hungry right now!
4. Gandalf.
5. Dunno. Masterchef?

G said...

1. Actually, it was a french terrine and baguette. I was out at a trendy bar on Oxford St. Most unlike me.
2. Hmmm, lots of open-ended feedback for the report I'm writing.
3. ? I have no favourite restaurant. How am I true Sydney-sider? Clearly I fail.
4. I can't think of any, so I'm going back to the Shawshank Redemption and Andy Dufreyne

5. Definitely the Amazing Race.

Laetitia :-) said...

1. Dinner last night - Chill bean lasagne
2. Been reading anything much? - Lots. Mainly novels from the library. Now back into the TAFE books.
3. Favourite restaurant - The Loving Hut
4. Most memorable movie character of the past decade - not a clue; Morpheas?
5.If you had to compete on a reality TV show, which one would you choose? Some quiz show if they count as 'reality TV'. Or Turn Back Time - The High Street; but it wasn't really a competition.

Aimee said...

1. Chicken satay sticks, rice and cucumber salad - a hit with our kids!
2. I joined a book club this year and am trying to read more. Just finished 'Pride and Prejudice' - I've grown up watching Jane Austen BBC adaptations and movies, but this is the first time I've actually read one of her books. Interesting reading it when I'm already so familiar with the characters!
3. Don't have one.
4. I think for me its the girl from 'True Grit' (Mattie Ross). Such a unique character and utters my favourite movie line in recent history ("there ain't nothin' free in this life but the grace of God")
5. Dunno. Not a cooking show. I think if my hubby and I went on the Amazing Race we would either win it or be *that couple* who argue the whole way through it!

onlinesoph said...

1. roast chicken and pumpkin couscous
2. not really. Started Case History by Kate Atkinson
3. My Place in Balmain
4. The Terminator.
5. That home reno show where you go away and they renovate your place as a surprise.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Maybe I should clarify that by 'the past decade' I meant from 2000ish to nowish.

Jessica said...

1. steak and green beans.
2. Richard Montanari novels of suspense.
3. Billabongs family buffet resaurant at East Maitland bowlo.
4. Jack Sparrow.
5. Amazing Race. I wish it could be Letters and Numbers, but I'm not clever enough.

Deb L said...

1. Spagh and meatballs.
2. Mitford series - very tame.
3. Huh? Eat out? With small children?
4. Ummmmmm. I'm struggling here.
5. Escape from Scorpian Island. But I'm too old.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Sarah- John's my favourite. Love it.

Cjed- we had strog this week as well. It was a Masterchef recipe.

Pedro- I miss the days of you bringing a big tub of dhal to work.

Amy- I hear the louder you talk, the more likely it is foreigners will understand you. Apparantly.

Kim- that's some crazy food pyramid you've got going on there..

Simone- I love a good choccy slice. E makes a goodun with weet bix. I eat about seven squares in one go.

Wendy- I miss Sizzler. Haven't been there for yonks.

Jo- "Sadly"? Come now.

Al- We went to Muse last year for an anniversary. It was nice.

Maso- the trusty bachelor diet!

Dawn- I'm all for cereal at various times of the day. I watched Bleak House and liked it, but got VERY confused.

G- I love Andy Dufrene's character. watched that movie a bazillion times.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Laetitia- oh yeah I think I watched that Turn Back Time show

Aimee- Been wanting to see True Grit, it looked great

Soph- I love couscous. But I've lost my cooking knack. It keeps ending up either cluggy or crunchy.

Jess- Gotta love a bowlo.

Deb- yeah. Restaurants. Remember the days when you didn't have to eat at 5pm right when the restaurant opens and you're the only people there?

G said...

Ben, I love how you always comment on our comments. It's awesome. So is your article on Mad Skillz.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Thanks George, I really appreciate that!