Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Quiz

1. Are you mostly dreamer or mostly do-er?
2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
3. Did you pursue that as an adult?
4. Do you have any obsessive compulsive traits?
5. Would you like to be thrown a surprise party?


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Are you mostly dreamer or mostly do-er?
2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
3. Did you pursue that as an adult?
4. Do you have any obsessive compulsive traits?
5. Would you like to be thrown a surprise party?

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. Dreamer.
2. An author or a teacher
3. No, I decided that I really wasn't cut out to be a teacher, I also discovered I'm not that good at writing.
4. I do a lot of things in 4s or 7s.
5. Yes

RodeoClown said...

1 - Dreamer I guess
2 - A scientist
3 - I did Computer Science at uni, not sure if that counts though
4 - Just a few, but they are diminishing with age.
5 - Yes, yes! A million times Yes!

onlinesoph said...

1. dreamer
2. a writer
3. sort of. I worked as a journalist but that was nothing like what I'd imagined as a child (much more boring!). In the process of pursuing writing now.
4. I turn back often to check if I've turned off the heaters/oven. Unlike RC, mine are increasing with age!
5. yes.

Pedro said...

1. DREAM heaps, try and DO as much as possible.
2. Whatever my dad was.
3. No.
4. Not that I know of...
5. Have done, last year for my birthday. Awesome.

Deb L said...

1. Dreamer.
2. Teacher.
3. Yep. Did something else at Uni first. Took a couple of years to realise that what I'd been right when I was 10.
4. Yeah. I often recheck doors are locked (car, house). But only once. I have a thing about how the dishwasher is stacked but I call that LOGICAL not obsessive. Others may disagree....
5. Please, no. No. Don't do it.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Mostly dreamer
2. A comic book artist and an architect
3. Not really. Still have comic ambitions though
4. I'm forever patting my pockets to see if my phone/keys/wallet are there."Hmm, they were there four seconds ago, but you never know.."
5. Nah.. I don't think so. I'm not into be caught unawares.

Ben McLaughlin said...

CJ- 4's and 7's you say? Hmmm...

Rodeo-Are they really diminishing, or is dementia just starting to cloud the accuracy of your self appraisal? Hm? Hmm?

Soph-Good on you for being in the process. I am too! Never too late.

Pedro- the look of absolute surprise on your face was pretty priceless that night.

Deb- Logical or just annoying?:) Our 10 year old selves knew us pretty well I reckon.

RodeoClown said...

Maybe I've just learnt more self-control. Besides, can you get age-related dementia in your twenties?

Georgina said...

1. Do-er. I gave up dreaming after my childhood. Now rediscovering it and hope. It's hard to dream when you think things are hopeless.
2. Vet
3. No, my Dad said I wouldn't get the marks (I did) and that he wouldn't support me. I'm glad now though - lots of vet work is really sad. I like what I get to do now.
4. Yes, too embarrassed to share.
5. Absolutely! I've had 2 thrown - one I really didn't know about. I felt very very special.

Alistair Bain said...

1. dreamer
2. Archaeologist. Then a vet.
3. No.
4. Checking your blog.
5. Yes Please. Call Rachel and she'll help you organise it.

Karen said...

1. More of a do-er. But that doesn't mean I don't have lots of dreams.
2. Didn't have any clear direction. Others thought I should maybe do medicine because I was "clever" academically. But I didn't think being a doctor was for me....
3. I went down the allied health road and became an Occupational Therapist. Now I wouldn't mind being a researcher....or a librarian.
4. Not anymore. Used to be a bit OCD about the bathroom and toilet being clean but having kids cured me of that.
5. No way. I hate being the centre of attention, and don't like not knowing what's happening...

Laetitia :-) said...

1. Are you mostly dreamer or mostly do-er? - Do-er; partly because I have a natural bent towards doing and partly because in my experience it's useless to dream. My dreams now consist of how many types of quilts I want to make before I die.
2. What did you want to be when you grew up? - Horse owner; pilot; dentist; vet; missionary doctor (guess which adults planted that one in my head)...not necessarily in that order.
3. Did you pursue that as an adult? - Nope. Now a civil engineer with a traffic speciality, studying Accounting (diploma) and going to do a TESOL course starting in a few weeks time.
4. Do you have any obsessive compulsive traits? - I like my steps to be balanced - if I step on a crack with one foot I like to then find a crack to step on with the other, otherwise they feel unbalanced.
5. Would you like to be thrown a surprise party? Yes please - Ian has managed this for me (my 35th).

maso said...

1. dreamer
2. architect
3. studied architecture for 2.5 years at uni. hated almost every minute of it but didn't know what to change to & didn't want to give up the dream
4. yes ... clothes pegs related
5. no thanks

P.S. Good positive bananas article in The Australian today ... and a big colour picture too

Laetitia :-) said...

Maso - regarding the clothes pegs, is that trying to match the colour of the peg to the colour of the item being hung? My husband thinks I'm nuts to do that; I tell him it makes a boring job more enjoyable; he says I could finish the boring job more quickly if I just used any peg. The debate goes on...

KIM said...

1. mmm, bit of both i think ... though i'd rather be thought of as creative than logical (does that equate at all? to me it does, which perhaps answers the question?)

2. in elementary school, a teacher

3. well ... no, but it sort of pursued me. i didn't study it at all, but i've ended up as an ESL teacher (which is really a very different kettle of fish ...!)

4. mmm probably. does making excessive lists count?

5. definitely!!! when should i be there? ;)

Joanna said...

1. Used to be more of a dreamer, but these days finding doing stuff a lot more satisfying than just dreaming about it.
2. A foreign correspondent.
3. Yep, I did a double major in journalism at uni and discovered I hated ringing up people i didn't know and asking them questions. Much happier researching and writing about dead people.
4. Not that I know of! Too lazy...
5. No, the thought makes me very anxious!!

Ben McLaughlin said...

George-2 surprise parties, thats a pretty good track record

Al-Was the arheaologist aspiration after seeing Raiders Of The Lost Ark? I would empathise.

Karen- Yeah, all standards of cleanliness go out the window when the babies come..

Laetitia-All the best with starting the new course

Maso- I have a clothes peg one too. I need my pegs to match. We have coloured ones and wooden ones, and obviously to use on of each on one item is out of the question.

Kim- Friday, 8pm. Frog costume preferred.

Jo-Yeah, I find dead people to be on the whole, less threatening as well.

simone r said...

1. Both. I do my dreams. But I don't do anything much else.
2. Teacher
3. Yes.
4. Blog checking...
5. No. But I'd probably like to throw one.