Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Quiz

1. The last time you cheered
2. If it were up to you, what would be built on the 9/11 Ground Zero spot?
3. The thing you most dislike chopping up
4. Is it strange for a grown man to tuck a serviette into his collar at a restaurant?
5. What's exciting you at the moment?


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. The last time you cheered
2. If it were up to you, what would be built on the 9/11 Ground Zero spot?
3. The thing you most dislike chopping up
4. Is it strange for a grown man to tuck a serviette into his collar at a restaurant?
5. What's exciting you at the moment

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. When the Swans beat the Saints in the qualifying final, Saturday night.
2. Some sort of commemoration, not entirely sure what it would look like though.
3. Onions.
4. Yes.
5. The Swans are still in the finals, I had a job interview at Koorong on Friday so the possibility of working there is exciting.

Alistair Bain said...

1. That's easy. In my lounge room yesterday when the mighty Blues beat the Bombers at the MCG in front of 90,000.
2. I'd leave it as an grassed park and put a Michael Leunig sculpture in the middle of it.
3. Carrots.
4. No. I applaud such behaviour. I kind of hope that you do it Ben:)
5. A week off. Beach for 2 days and then Cradle Mountain.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Friday night. wests Tigers, baby!

2. A very peaceful park, lots of trees, and a big fountain in the middle

3. Raw chicken. Yuck

4.No, it's very prudent. E confessed to me on the weekend that when we met she thought it was odd and childlike that I did that. Gosh, you think you know someone. the important thing is keeping your shirt splash free. fancy restaurants lay them in your lap, but what good is that? I never get food in my lap, but regularly get it on my top. Spaghetti anyone?

5. The chinese elm I bought on the weekend for $10

Wendy said...

1. Saturday morning at our son's interschool cross-country meet.
2. A park.
3. Raw meat.
4. No, very practical.
5. Um, a bit flat right now. But the potential of networking people is popping up as an exciting prospect occasionally.

Georgina said...

1. Tonight at Mamma Mia on Broadway!!
2. Nothing!! I went there yesterday... It's a massive construction site.
3. Pumpkin- I'm always scared I'm going to chop off my hand!
4. No- I think a man who is secure in his own identity and comfortable with his choices is very appealing
5. I'm one week into a 30 day tour going around the world, so I guess that is.

Deb said...

1. When I found out my friend was pregnant after 7 years of waiting.
2. I really don't know.
3. Fish. It's really smelly on your hands.
4. No. But it is a bit of an old manish kind of thing to do. I can imagine Pa doing it but not my husband.
5. Not a lot, to be honest.

Dawn Merz said...

1. Yesterday afternoon. Rugby World Cup. I was cheering even at the idea of it. I love Rugby Union!!
2. Good question. Small park and memorial construction of some sort...
3. Garlic.
4. Yes. But bring it on.
5. The idea of going back to my family in Iowa for a visit. And the Rugby Union.

KIM said...

1. well, it happens on a pretty nearly hourly basis ... i do remember being particularly excited when my friend put on the birthday "princess" sash i gave him, though.

2. nothing. potentially a plaque in front and some flowers around. i'd have a memorial, but leave the site itself alone.

3. i think the more relevant question would be what i DO enjoy chopping up ... probably brownies :)

4. yes.

5. the fun lined up for the rest of the day today!! :)

Pedro said...

1. When Sammy Stosur won this morning
2. Whats there is fine. As long as its respectful and not gaudy.
3. Onions or pumpkin.
4. Not if he likes to go him with a clean shirt.
5. Snowbording

Laetitia :-) said...

1. The last time you cheered - probably sometime during my TESOL course when a friend overcame an obstacle or finished something.
2. If it were up to you, what would be built on the 9/11 Ground Zero spot? - I don't know - it's not my country or nation.
3. The thing you most dislike chopping up - celery - when I have to put it in its container to go in the fridge.
4. Is it strange for a grown man to tuck a serviette into his collar at a restaurant? - Depends on his age; my father does it but I'd be concerned if my husband did. BTW, I'm always dropping stuff in my lap but not on my top. Besides, that's how ties started - portable serviettes.
5. What's exciting you at the moment - the prospect of completing my TAFE assignment before Wednesday.

maso said...

1. Brisbane Lions vs Gold Coast Suns at the Gabba last month
2. preserve part as public space / rebuild some office towers (much like they've done)
3. a cooked chook ... messy, always burn my fingers
4. maybe a little
5. summer is coming!

Beth said...

1. Thursday night watching the Packer's play football.

2. After seeing everyone's answers, I would say a memorial, but take the decision of what to put there out of the politicians hands. A park too.

3. Raw chicken.

4. Yes.

5. The tomatoes coming out of my garden....will be canning again today!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Cj- I hope the job comes through. Sounds like it'd be up your alley.

Al- Thanks for applauding. Hope it's a great week away.

Wendy-I don't mind cutting up beef. But somehow chicken is way worse.

George-Sounds like an awesome tour. Have a great time, and safe travels!

Deb- My wife said she agreed with your answer about serviettes. I'm happy to behave like an old man though.

Dawn-I kind of like chopping up garlic. I just hate when the papery outside bit gets stuck to your fingers.

Kim- Perhaps chopping the plastic wrapping off a microwave dinner?:)

Pedro- The thing I don't like about chopping pumpkin is the slimy seeds. They always seems to go moudly quickly too.

Laetitia- maybe you need to bring your chair closer to the table. Hey, speaking of celery, do you know if you can eat the leaves? I recently chopped up a bunch of the leaves and put them in soup, like parsely. They seemed to give a bit of a gross flavour though..

Maso- I don't like cutting up cooked chook in front of people, but if I'm on my own I like it, because I can get all greasy and eat big wads of skin while I do it. Naughty.

Beth- that's great about the tomatoes. I bought seed last weekend to plant this weekend. How do you go about canning them?

Crazyjedidiah said...

Hey Ben, I didn't get the job at Koorong, but I'm still looking.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Sorry to hear that. I'll keep praying.

Laetitia :-) said...

Ben - regarding celery, apparently you can eat the leaves (we don't) and a friend of ours just about wouldn't make their own stock without them.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Thanks that's good to know. Maybe I just need to use them a bit more sparingly. They kind of made the soup a bit bitter.

simone r said...

1. A 12 year old dancing at the school ball last night. He was awesome. I want his autograph.
2. Green space is always good... but I'm good with a mega sky scraper too. As long as there is some kind of memorial.
3. pumpkin. But i like to eat it.
4. yes.
5. Bob Kauflin and Philip Percival coming to Australia for twist conference in a few weeks.

kristina said...

1. This morning when I saw Benjamin Netanyahu interviewed on tv. He was awesome! The interviewer was a childish and rude.

2. A memorial is nice. I still object to the giant mosque they built 2 blocks away.

3. raw meat

4. I would do a double take.

5. Moving from a farm on a mountainside back to a town.