Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There Is A Time To Prune, And A Time To Shower

I am a bit of a chronic pruner. Show me any kind of plant or tree, put a sharp cutting device in my hands, and I can't help myself. I'm Edward Scissorhands.

Branches often look a bit wrong, or ugly, or too straight, or too tangled, or too crowded, so I lop them off so they'll grow better ones. By 2017. Our yard is quickly becoming a wasteland of stumps. E is fearful. But I do know what I'm doing. Honestly.

Anyway, on the weekend I was working on this particularly ugly (but nice smelling)lemon tea tree. It's a lot smaller now, but I've ironed out its major design flaws, and one day it will be a beautiful tree, when it grows back. My great, great, great grandchildren will enjoy it. If there isn't a block of flats built over it by then.

So, afterwards I'm all hot and itchy, and I decided to have a shower. Usually I'm a soap guy, but just for a laugh I thought I'd try this body wash thing that's been sitting there for ages untouched. I'm washing myself, and I realise it has a lemony kind of smell, and I look at the label: "Lemon Tea Tree".

Gosh, chuckles I, 'tis like rain on one's wedding day. I may as well have just turned the sprinkler on in the yard and scrubbed myself with the branches I just lopped off.

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