Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Quiz

1. A toy you desperately wanted as a kid
2. A TV commercial jingle you remember from childhood. Recite a bit for us.
3. Something you're snobbish about
4. Spring's nearly sprung! How's that make you feel?
5. What's on the agenda for today?


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. A toy you desperately wanted as a kid
2. A TV commercial jingle you remember from childhood. Recite a bit for us.
3. Something you're snobbish about
4. Spring's nearly sprung! How's that make you feel?
5. What's on the agenda for today?

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. The only thing I can think of is the craft kit I saw in the toy shop, near christmas time. I showed it to my mum and she said it was a bit much. But then I got it for christmas.
2. The only thing I can think of is the Holden Nova Ad ... Gotta get a Holden Nova.
3. I don't like apple products and look down on you if you do.
4. Not so good i prefer cooler wearher.
5. Completing the final module in one of my subjects for this semester.

Anonymous said...

1. Mini bike
2. Didn't watch much tv...ummm...nope...empty
3. don't understand the question
4. Crap. No more snow or good surf
5. something different! Storyboards.

Anonymous said...

1. I can't think of any toys I was desperate for... We were a make-your-own-toy kinda family; my sister and I used to chop faces out of magazines and play games with them (it was called 'Heads').

2. I grew up in Armidale, so we often had ads for the camel safaris in Port Macquarie, which went something like, "Hey hey hey, ride a camel today, something something something, everybody say, hey hey hey something about bustle and hurry, leave it all behind on a camel safari!" Good times.

3. Spelling and grammar. And music (aaargh, so painful to admit!).

4. Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

5. I have an essay to finish on the role of Melchizedek in Hebrews. It's due tomorrow. Eek.

goldy said...

Hi Ben,
Thought I'd make an appearance again. Been a while.
1. fuzzy pumper's barber shop
2. love you brisbane, yeah you mean the world to me. We laugh we cry, we struggle we try, there's no place I'd rather be!!!!
3. how people listen to music. Mp3 on laptops as a stereo system - rubbish. Full quality audio through some speakers with a frequency range that extends below 300Hz please!
4. exceptional
5. violin practice, meet with my pastor, arvo nap, washing

Deb said...

1. A cabbage patch doll. Mum couldn't stand them so there was no way I was getting one. I lived.
2. Are you keeping up with the Commodore? 'Cause the Commodore is keeping up with you!
3. Sport. I really don't care who won what Grand Final.
4. Feel? I hope soon I'll be able to feel my toes again.
5. Buying craft stuff for a kids' project at church on Tuesday night. Running from store to store to find the right bits and pieces.

Anonymous said...

goldy, I TOTALLY AGREE with the listening-to-music-from-laptop-speakers thing, it drives me NUTS. So tinny and awful [shivers in disgust].

Anonymous said...
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Georgina said...

1. Cabbage Patch doll. By the time I saved up and got one, I was a bit old.
2. With Peter (g'day) Russell (g'day) Clarke!
3. Dietitian vs "nutritionist" - one is a university degree, one is Not. People believe stupid things from naturopaths too.
4. Hmmm hmmm I like winter clothes but my birthday is in spring
5. Lots of observations of leaders - running round campus. Enjoying it. (watching one at the moment, but don't need full attention)

Wendy said...

1. I can't remember anything.
2. I'm with Pedro, didn't watch much TV, can't remember any.
3. Real pianos vs fake, electronic ones. There is little comparison. Give me an upright or preferably a grand piano any day! Unfortunately my current life situation means I have to put up with a "glorified keyboard".
4. Up here in the northern hemisphere I'm hanging out for some autumn. We're bakin' in Tokyo.
5. Finally I have a day to myself (after a monster 11 week summer holiday break) and I'm enjoying the peace!

simone r said...

1. I wanted any electronic gadget. I lusted for many years over a mini tv. Never got one.
2. World expo 88 - 'Together, we'll show the world!'
3. Universities. They are not all the same.
4. Oh so happy.
5. Today year 6 music compositions were due. Tonight I am going through them - listening to 30-40 rough recordings - attempts at pop songs. Some will be good. Many will not be. Then I start the process of recording them up. I'm aiming to lay down piano tracks for ten or more of them tonight.

KIM said...

1. Barbies. My mom refused to buy them for me, but somehow (birthday parties, etc.) I managed to acquire 13 of them and was pretty proud of myself.

2. Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break with a Kit-Kat bar.

3. Books.

4. Awesome!! Can't wait for October!!

5. Oh, don't ask! A horrible business plan I have to write and I have no idea what I need to do for.

Unknown said...

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Karen said...

1. A Barbie. I never got one. Now I don't think I'll be buying one for my daughter either :)
2. Don't wait to be told, you need Palmolive Gold.
3. Have to confess I'm a bit of a Uni snob too.
4. Love it. It already feels like spring here.
5. Today's agenda was a skin specialist appointment for one child, swimming lessons for another one, and getting a third one to start writing a radio program with his friend for the school radio station, and to get assignment marks uploaded for my students. All achieved. (Well, my husband did the supervision for the radio program writing...). I even managed to fit in a power nap after lunch.

Hey Belle, that camel safari ad had legs for a long time! We used to hear it all the time when we lived in Port - and we were there until 2004...

Laetitia :-) said...

1. A toy you desperately wanted as a kid - Simone, I hear you - I wanted one of those Donkey Kong type games. Apart from that I don't remember really lusting after a toy per se; I wanted a horse.
2. A TV commercial jingle you remember from childhood. Recite a bit for us. - "Slip, slop, slap; Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat..."
3. Something you're snobbish about - traffic engineering - a driver's licence doesn't make you an engineer.
4. Spring's nearly sprung! How's that make you feel? - It has spring here - happy and sad. I like all the seasons in their turn but my favourite is winter.
5. What's on the agenda for today? - Trying to extract coherent (written - e-mail is fine) planning and environment info from various Council officers for a property we're looking at buying.

Libby said...

1. For almost a year I desperately wanted a play-doh ice-cream making shop and then right at the end changed my mind. "Santa" still got it for me - I was pretty annoyed! How come he didn't know I'd changed my mind?!
2. "I want my clothes off, I want my bath, And the water, I want my MR MATEY!!"
3. I think I might be a parenting snob... can you be one? I'm trying not to always think my way is best...
4. Loving it!
5. Our agenda was thrown out the window today to make room for a 3 year old with a temperature and a cold :(. Also unexpected was the discovery of a tooth in the 4.5mth old's mouth - praying she's not a biter!

Meredith said...

1. The "Mouse Trap" box game.
2. The Life Be In It advert campaign was one in a millions.
"Get out in the sunshine and get vitamin D, I'm good for your eyes and good for your's Vitamin E. I'm Vitamin E and I'm good for your corpuscles. Take a lot of me and I'll get into your muscles."
3. Apostrophes.
4. Hooray!
5. Today was two hours of cleaning, run a Bible study group and then take the family to the dentist. Four people - no fillings. Happy days.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. I really wanted the (baddie) Transformer that turned into a tape recorder. Soundwave was his name, and he had some pals who turned into casettes. Ohhhhhh man, I couldn't think of anything better than a robot tape recorder and tapes. Alas, I never got it.

2.So many!! "Great teeth and gums, you've got quite a smile, what's your dental secret, crodile?"

"The Territory is the place to be, so liven up and you will see, tidy up with Territory tidy towns"

"Got a call from Mrs Meyer, she's bringing round a buyer.."

"We're the fruit, and we're the frosty, we're real cute and not too costy"

3. Musical taste. It's all about being eclectic.

4. Ecstatic!

5. Going out for dosai for a colleague's birthday lunch. Yippee.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Crazyjed- An anti-Apple snob? usually it's the other way around..

Pedro- Who knew that surfing was only a winter sport.

Belle- It's quite a lofty promise really, to expect that a camel safari would be enough to leave it all behind. Though, I've never been to one, so maybe their claim was accurate.

Goldy- Great to hear from you Goldy! 'shave and a haircut, parp parp!'ps- those red overalls in the brissy ad are EPIC.

Deb-I can't look at a cappage patch doll without thinking of Chucky.

George-I loved Peter Russell Clarke. he seemed like such a good fella. electric piano sounds like the real thing. I understand using them live, but I hate when people use them on records. Seriously, use a real one!

Simone- All universities are equal. But some are more equal than others.

Kim-We have some genuine barbies, and some fakes. The fakes are the slightly wall-eyed ones with short necks and big feet.

Sabkon Wells- You may be a spam robot, but you have an awesome name. So I'll let you live.

Karen- Sadly we have a flood of Barbies in our house. Mostly decapitated or dismembered or drawn on, so I guess that's something.

Laetitia- Yeah I really wanted one of those little games. My siblings had donkey kong and snoopy tennis. I was all green with envy.

Libby-Ha! I remember that Mr Matey ad very well!Nice one.

Meredith- Good job getting four off you off scott free at the dentist! I have had half a tooth missing for some months.. better get onto that..

Deb said...

Ben - I think my mum would be with you on that one.