Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attrocity Exhibition

Many atrocities are committed in the playground I regularly go to with little e. First there was that kid called Marmaduke, but on the weekend I saw something that may have even been more cruel.

A kid, about little e's age. Similar longish hair. Definitely a boy-- dressed in blue, and going by the name of James. Yes, all fine so far, but wait..what's that keeping the hair out of Jame's eyes? A girls' hair clip.

Now I am not an unreasonable man. I am all for little e playing with with cars, and if I have a boy and he wants to play with dolls, well, go on my son.

But a hair clip neatly parting a boys hair on the side? I'm calling Doc's.


Ruth said...

Lol! 'C' read me a book today (school home reader) that had a picture of a little girl, wearing what I would consider in chidren's books 'boy's clothes', with a boy's haircut.. so when 'C' tries to sound out her name...he reads 'James, Joshua'...I tell him it's Jessica - and he looks at me in astonishment. "But he's a boy!'..

The next page a kid with the same haircut, same clothes suddenly is called 'Daniel'. Huh??

This is going to help my kid learn to read how exactly?!

Ben McLaughlin said...

See, another reason for book burning. Yeah, that is confusing. I remember being confused by the drawings of Christopher Robin in Winnie The Pooh as a kid. His names Christopher, but boy oh boy he looks like a girl..

Unknown said...

You are so right, he does.

I saw a movie the other night and thought of one of your posts about casting siblings to look like each other, because a woman came on the screen, and I instantly thought - oh, she looks like the hero, must be his sister - and she was meant to be - and I thought 'wow, Ben would approve of the casting in this movie'!! The influence of a blog eh?!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hi AB-- yeah, especially a blog as hard-hitting and dealing-with-the-big-issues-ish as this one..

I would like a job as a casting scout, where I would go around looking for actors that looked like other actors. Fullfilling.

Ps- hope you had a great b'day mate

Ruth said...

Oops!! Ben - that was me, logged in as Andrew! (how embarrassing!!). Poor AB - gets my stupid comments everywhere online under his name!

He had a fantastic birthday.

Ruth said...

Just checked again that that last comment was under my name not AB's!! Phew!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Wow, Ruth (if that's your real name), I am feeling very confused and misled right now..