Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes I'm pleased to see vandalism.


Nathan said...

Really? That vandalism makes me sad that some people in Australia, and I'm guessing these vandals tick the "Christian" box on the census, are so opposed to discussions of religion.

Surely there are better ways to express disagreement than tearing part of a billboard down?

Pedro said...

Couldn't agree more Nathan.

It becomes apparent that these 'Christians' are just as fundamentally blinkered as their perceived opposition.

"Destroy the blasphemous billboard!"

"Actually, here's an idea. Let's burn it. That'll show 'em"

"Even better, lets kill the next guy that says he doesn't believe what we believe! Yeah!!!"

Sound familiar?

Thin ice brethra.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hmmmm. Good to hear some other views. I think you are both probably right there.

In all honesty my first instinct was to be pleased that it'd been ripped down, because I do find the statement offensive.

But I agree with you, there are probably more mature, less impulsive ways of dealing with that instinct.

But it does make me wonder about how Christians are supposed to show 'zeal'. Surely there are moments when I quiet little chat isn't the go? Jesus was zealous and overturned tables and cracked whips, and yet remained 'without sin'.

What is the application of that for people called to be like Him?

Nathan said...

My approach would be to assume that a billboard by the side of the road in Sydney is not the same as the temple in Jerusalem.

We're not really a Christian country. We're certainly not a theocracy. If people, especially ministers, were putting up a billboard like that in their church, then I'd share your sentiments. There was a church in NZ last year putting up some really provocative and stupid billboards, I think I'd be more happy with them being vandalised. But even then, if we want freedom to preach our beliefs we should probably extend that to others.

Otherwise, I think it's a case of either turning the other cheek, or by our love for the other demonstrating that we are Jesus' disciples.

Pedro said...

Benno, I don't agree with the statement in any shape or form and I would LOVE to see what happened to someone who put up a Christian based slogan in a Muslim country...

Point is, everyone has a different perception of 'zeal', don't they?
If you are in a country where cutting someone's hand off for stealing is acceptable than a stern "excuse me sir, that is inappropriate!" is not going to be considered zealous, is it?

Here's an idea.

I don't agree with the billboard, full stop. But.
Why not let them have their billboard? Will it change the way you believe? Will people start questioning their ideas because of that, that wouldn't have been prone to do so anyway?

Where is the live and let live philosophy these days?!?!

If a Christian's faith is so strong, So unbreakable, then why not just laugh it off and give him a hug and tell him he's a top bloke.
You or any other Christian are NOT Jesus so the point is moot when discussing what he would do, isn't it?

There's a couple of good passages in the Qoran about this stuff actually...

Crazyjedidiah said...

Wasn't the reason that Jesus oveerturned tables etc. because they were getting in the way of worshipping God, I believe the imromptu market was in the Court of the Gentiles or some such, which is the only part of the temple the Gentiles were allowed in. I do understand that it is possible to worship God with noise going on around you but they were also taking advantage of people and charging exorbitant prices.

On the other hand we can use the billboards as they will get people talking and thinking and we can use it to witness to other people and encourage discussion.

Pedro said...

Spot on.

Ben McLaughlin said...

I'm feeling a bit like a shag on a rock here. I am definitely open to being challenged on this, and shown my error.

I guess what I mean by zeal, is zeal for Jesus, rather than for ourselves. If the billboard was saying something about Christians, or me in particular, than so be it- I am super flawed, and Christians frankly are a poor reflection of the one we follow. But how do we show zeal for Jesus? I can see now what you guys are saying, and maybe it's a bit along the lines of the disciple who drew his sword and cut of that guy's ear. Jesus wasn't pleased with that at all.

So, thanks guys, I'll go and give it some more thought.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I'm on your side. If someone posted lies about my brother on a billboard in the city, I wouldn't think, "hey, whatever; I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion", I'd rip it down immediately!

P.S. I discovered your blog through Nathan's, and have been sneakily reading for a while.