Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Quiz

1. If I could turn back time..
2. I wish I could get the hang of..
3. Something to be happy about today
4. The worst thing about blogging
5. The best thing about blogging


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. If I could turn back time..
2. I wish I could get the hang of..
3. Something to be happy about today
4. The worst thing about blogging
5. The best thing about blogging

Laetitia :-) said...

1. If I could turn back time..I'd go back to Year 11.
2. I wish I could get the hang of..time management.
3. Something to be happy about today - I'm alive and I have time to work on some projects.
4. The worst thing about blogging - having no-one read your posts and then having people ask, "So, what have you been up to?"
5. The best thing about blogging - comments! Even if they are along the lines of, "I disagree; your opinion sucks" at least someone's reading.

Laetitia :-) said...

Ooh, hey, I'm first one in this week! :-)

Pedro said...

1. Geez where do I start?!?! probably make every effort possible to get into the ocean in the single digits...
2. Balance point wheelstands on my motorcycle...
3. Just gave my son his breakfast and he smiled
4. Pressure to post regularly
5. The admiration and respect of your readers (ahem!!)

onlinesoph said...

1. I'd give my mothers group another go.
2. knitting
3. I have no planned appointments, except needing to buy some meat at some stage.
4. feeling like a desperado, trying to get people to read your blog.
5. Being forced to write something on a regular basis.

Georgina said...

1. If I could turn back time, I would bravely choose psychology instead of chemistry, and hang the consequences.
2. I wish I could get the hang of love. I suck at it.
3. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down (The Carpenters). Happy for the music.
4. Worst thing - you don't know who's reading your scrambled phrases.
5. Best thing - you get to read people like Ben. (aw shucks).

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. do the library course as soon as I finished high school.
2. being more organised.
3. I'm alive.
4. No one reading my blog, it makes it hard to bother keeping on going with new posts.
5. When someone leaves a good comment on a post of mine.

Ruth said...

1. I would just want to relive each day with my kids.
2. being tidy.
3. listening to good kids music with great lyrics with 'E'.
4. when people write nasty things anonymously... or when nobody comments...
5. reading encouraging and amusing blogs that make me think. (like yours Ben - thanks).

Nathan said...

1. Is a bad song.
2. Ironing. I'm rubbish at it, possibly because I've never done enough to get the hang of it.
3. In three days my Greek exam will be over.
4. Nobody commenting on the posts you think they should.
5. When random people meet you and say "I read your blog"

simone r said...

1. I'd take back those words that hurt you, and you'd stay...
2. the sickie. I'm bad at it. I feel like I'm wasting time. Would it be wrong to go sit in a coffee shop?
3. Work let me come home.
4. Not having time to read all the blogs I'd like to. I've been mad buy lately and feel very out of the loop.
5. Putting stuff out there.

Alistair Bain said...

1. Aaaaagh. Simone beat me to it. I am kicking myself. I could have answered this quiz an hour ago. But put it off and now the thing I was looking forward to the most about today is gone. So. The answer......I'd have answered this quiz an hour ago.
2. poached eggs.
3. I went for a good run this morning into the city and back.
4. It's addictive.
5. It's addictive.

Deb L said...

1. I'd go back and waste less of it....oh hang on, I could be doing that right now.
2. Reverse parking.
3. My kids are all well.
4. I'm the only one without a blog?
5. So many interesting people to drop in on.

KIM said...

1. ... is a thought best left unfinished.

2. salsa dancing

3. um um um someone might buy me lunch later this week!

4. not being able to come up with anything creative

5. getting to flaunt anything creative you do come up with

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. I'd wear my docs this morning instead of my volleys. Now I have a whole day ahead with soaking socks and shoes. Sucks.

2.Ditto Laetitia- time management. Also anger management.

3. I have a job that means I can bring money home

4. Feeling obligated to post when you could really go a couple of weeks off. Sure, you can take a break, but consistency is what keeps a readership. Some days just coming up with 5 questions is hard!

5. Having a platform to express yourself and interact with other peeps.


Tim G said...

1. If I could turn back time, assuming I could keep all the lessons learned, I would undo all the bad relationships & would have waited, so my wife was the only girl I even dated!

2. I wish I could get the hang of discipline

3. Something to be happy about today. I like rainy weather... and I have some tonic water in my cupboard & some Scottish Gin in my cupboard for a G&T tonight.

4. The worst thing about blogging. It can become like a millstone when you lose your inspiration, or you get addicted to maintaining your readership... thankfully I have neither anymore.

5. The best thing about blogging. You have a record of your thoughts & experiences...

Karen said...

1....I'd take back a lot of stupid things I've said.
2. Riding a bike. I'm so embarrassed that I can't do it.
3. We survived church camp for another year.
4. Trying to get people to read what you write (that desperate feeling that soph said!)...but then realising someone did actually read something you wrote and got offended by it.
5. It's fun. You meet (or meet again!) some cool people.
And when someone tells you they've read something you wrote and they liked it/related to it.

Wendy said...

1. I'm with Karen on this one. Take back stupid things I've said (and written).
2. Japanese
3. I realised that my week is looking great.
4. I'm with Laetitia. But also, that it means I feel like I've told my story, so I don't always communicate with others who I probably should communicate with on a one-on-one level (if only they'd read my blog...).
5. I love the challenge of finding something to write daily. It's been good for my writing.

maso said...

1. I wouldn't buy that silver Mazda in 2006. Man it was a dog of a car
2. surfing real good
3. I've got a good job
4. No, Deb L, you're not the only one. I don't have a blog either.
5. 5 question quiz gives me something to look forward to on Monday

Elsie said...

1. If I could turn back time, I'd be a better sister (though my first thought was that Cher song).

2. I wish I could get the hang of basic accounting for consolidation of corporate groups. I think I am.

3. Not too much stress so far :)

4. You don't know exactly who reads it.

5. Getting to rant to your heart's content on topics that people would normally doze off at if you mentioned them, or on topics that no-one else has an interest in except you. Also to remember bits of life's journey so far.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Better late than never, don't you think? Sorry for the super late responses.

Laetitia- Yep, comments are the lifeblood of blogging

Pedro-posting pressure sucks. It comes with the territory unfortunately

Soph- bit of a pattern forming here. Funny how we feel forced and pressured to do something that was our choice in the first place, and still is. And yet it seems a pretty universal thing for bloggers. We need scientists to work on a cure..

George- Shucks indeed:) Gotta love The Carpenters. Not a saxophone fan, but the sax solo in that song is a happy little lift in a generally melancholy song. Nice.

Crazyjedidiah-there are lots of things like that for me, that I wish I'd gotten straight onto after school rather than lollygagging around!

Ruth- Anonymous commenters in general make me kinda uneasy. You don';t know whether they are on the other side of the world, or in the next room. I find it a bit unneccessary and creepy.

Nath- yeah don't you reckon it's often the posts you're really proud of, that bring up thought provoking stuff, that get overlooked comment-wise? Maybe there's too much pressure in those cases for your comment to be well constructed and thoughtful, so you put it off..

Simone- It sounds bad, but I don't have that problem of not having enough time to read all the blogs I want to. I kind of am only interested in a smallish number, so my frustration is that the pool is too small, and I want more content, more regularly.

Al- yeah, my poached eggs are a bit rubbish. The white is all staggly and watery and gross, and I don't like how you can taste the vinegar from the water. Lament.

Deb- I liked your answer to number 1. So true! We regret stuff we can still do differently right now if we REALLY wanted to.

Kim- I like your number 1 answer too. What good comes from pondering all those could haves and should haves.

Tim- Yeah, the dreaded millstone. Gotta get rid of that one somehow..

Karen- I reckon a lot of blogging is trying to get people to read what you write, without looking as though you're trying to get people to read what you write! It's all covert.

Wendy- I empathise with your number 4. It's easy to think that once it's said on this forum you no loner have any responsibility to fill your friends in about your life. In can even become a passive aggressive sort of 'well why should I tell you if you won't even read my blog'. Urk.

Maso- the pressure's on you and Deb L, the only ones here without blogs..

Elsie- Totally with you on no.5. This is my place to blab on about my awesome hobbies and interests that my wife and friends get sick of listening to about.

Phew, that's done.. The weihght is lifted!