Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Quiz

1. Earliest memory of going to the movies
2. Largest amount of money you've ever found
3. A typical Saturday morning at your place
4. I gravitate towards people who..
5. I gravitate away from people who..


Alistair Bain said...

1. The Muppet Movie (I would have been 7)
2. $20.
3. Kids who wake too early and then under 6 and under 8 soccer in the frost.
4. are on their own.
5. are attention seekers.

Laetitia :-) said...

1. Earliest memory of going to the movies - I'm not sure which came first - watching a children's movie that included the line, "You rat, you dirty rat" (one of those cultural reference lines in a kids' movie to keep the adults entertained) or The Muppet Movie (I would have been 5).
2. Largest amount of money you've ever found - maybe $12 if $2 & $10 being found within a few hours of each other in the same vicinity counts.
3. A typical Saturday morning at your place - wake up late, do some sax practise, have a sax lesson, maybe do some grocery shopping or play / work on the computer.
4. I gravitate towards people who..can hold a decent conversation.
5. I gravitate away from people who..are arrogant.

Paul Berkman said...

1. Curly Sue, age 6. My dad made a video advertisement for the cinema and this was the movie we watched for free straight afterwards.
2. $50, but unfortunately I was on holiday with my grandmother who beat me to it...
3. Wake up, talk to my wife about what our plans are going to be.
4. People with whom I share something in common, no matter how big or small
5. People who enjoy things that just don't make sense to me.

Wendy said...

1. A Disney movie of some description or other. Back in the days when they still had intervals.
2. I've no memory of finding any significantly large amounts of money.
3. Sleep-in while hubby makes breakfast for the kids.
4. don't mind poking fun at themselves, with whom I can have deep conversations (those two seem at odd with each other, don't they?)
5. are clingy; like to talk about shopping, make-up, hair, nails, cars etc; won't open up about themselves; appear shallow.

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. Pippi Longstockings at the Macquarie Theatre at Mac U I would have been 6 or 7, I cried after it finished because I wanted to see it again.
2. $55 or something around that.
3. Sleeping in and getting cleaning done as well as bumming.
4. People who look as though they have the same kind of interests as me.
5. People who speak too loudly and want all the attention for themselves.

KIM said...

1. Right about the time when my brother was born when I was five my parents decided it would be a nice treat for a family friend to take me to the movies as a bit of a consolation prize for getting less attention. It was some Disney-ish children's movie and I was scared to death and hated it.

2. Probably $20 ... in my jeans pocket.

3. Wouldn't know, I'm asleep!

4. ... are fun and exciting!

5. ... are dull and boring.

Georgina said...

1. My Mum sent me off with 3 older children, including my brother, to see ET. I was 7? We caught the bus into the city.
2. $50
3. Depends - a typical one is getting the housework done. A fun one is going SCUBA diving. I know which one I prefer!
4. I gravitate towards people who... don't look at me in disgust because I'm overweight.
5. I gravitate away from people who... constantly feel the need to compete when talking and have the 'best' experience to relate. Guh!

Georgina said...

PS I have a tumblr you might enjoy Ben - :)

Gary Ware said...

1. Snow White? Bambi? Probably at a drive-in.
2. There was this twenty dollar note on the grass outside the church's back door a couple of months ago. It went into the offering bag.
3. At the office or watching a football game my son is involved in.
4. have a sense of humour.
5. don't have a sense of humour.

onlinesoph said...

1. Aladdin the disney movie. I saw it in Jakarta with Indonesian subtitles
2. mmm....$5??
3. eggs for breakfast, little housework done, maybe a stroll to a local cafe
4. are real and just say what they think; who aren't too guarded and don't offend too easily
5. are really cold on first impression.

Pedro said...

1. Drive in, mum and dad...falling asleep through the first movie. can't remember the film. good times.
2. 25 bucks
3. Early wake up, zip off quietly in the dark for a surf. Home for a tops brekky with my boy and girl. Relax and play with Zeke until his first nap. Gold.
4. Smile.
5. Don't.

sophg said...

1. Carebears movie. The same day we got our swing set. BEST.DAY.EVER
2. $20. But this question is tragic, because I forgot to take my money out of the ATM the other day, so someone would've had a joyful day of finding my money :(
3. Sleep in, go for a walk, head out to a market to browse, grab a coffee/do brunch, catch up with fun people
4. Can have deep chats and also laugh at themselves
5. Aren't particularly intuitive.

maso said...

1. BMX Bandits. With the big kids from next door. Back in the day when there was only one big cinema in town, rather than a multiplex.
2. $10.
3. Gym with mates from church, breaky at a cafe.
4. ... are optimistic, upbeat, and enjoy getting out and doing stuff.
5. ... are strong extroverts.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Melbourne, 1984- Return Of The Jedi with my family. Age 7. Had Darth Vader nightmares for years afterwards.

2.$750 in 50's, scattered all over the ground. Took it to the police who said they'd call me if nobody claimed it. That was 10 years ago, I'm still holding my breath.

3. Get up early with the kids, make some fried eggs, drink some coffee, try to think of some kind of 'outing' before the day slips away.

4. Can laugh at themselves, and like to joke around, but who can also have a deep, honest conversation with me.

5. Don't listen, are super serious and don't laugh at themselves.

Jessica said...

1. Milo and Otis, my 5th birthday.
2. $20
3. Haven't got a typical.
4. Are outsiders.
5. Are cliquey.

Aimee said...

1. Lady and the Tramp. I was 4 or 5. My aunt gave me a packet of Jaffas which I threw up afterwards as I had never eaten candy/lollies before!
2. $5 (finding your own money doesn't count, right?)
3. Wake early to 3yo, have breaky and coffee. Head out to a museum/gallery/playground.
4. are funny, relaxed, outgoing, interesting, good listeners.
5. people who think theres only one right way to do anything (on issues I think have shades of grey).

Ben McLaughlin said...

Sorry folks, I'm going to let this one slide. thanks for your answers though.