Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Quiz

1. If you have a blog, what is it called? If you don't, what would you call one if you did? (see how inclusive and thoughtful I am?)
2. What's the meaning behind that name?
3. An instrument you wish you learned
4. Something you're a bit obsessed with at the moment
5. Your favourite dessert


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. If you have a blog, what is it called? If you don't, what would you call one if you did? (see how inclusive and thoughtful I am?)
2. What's the meaning behind that name?
3. An instrument you wish you learned
4. Something you're a bit obsessed with at the moment
5. Your favourite dessert

Alistair Bain said...

1. Paradoxically Speaking.
2. I really like the paradoxes of the gospel. So I thought I'd cash in on them.
3. Bass Guitar
4. The book of Acts.
5. Anything with lemon.

Pedro said...

1. Jellyjam
2. Brand of surfboards - Jellysticks.
3. Guitar. (I know Benno, I just didn't keep it up)
4. Designing and building the perfect surfboard.....for me.
5. oooh...Ummm. Tiramisu. There are heaps but that always sits near the top.

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. Gibberish
2. I was trying to think up a name which would denote that my blog was random ramblings, plus Relient K have a song called Gibberish so I thought that would do the trick.
3. I used to play the piano, but i'm not the most musical person in the world so I don't really want to play any.
4. I was slightly obsessed with masterchef but that is now finished so can't really obsessed with anything.
5. Anything with chocolate.

Wendy said...

1. on the edge of ordinary
2. I'm a missionary in Japan and no matter where we find ourselves (Australia or Japan) we aren't quite "ordinary" according to the local definition. The paradox of that is that we feel terribly ordinary and my blog is about helping people see into the ordinariness of our lives.
3. Guitar
4. Camping
5. Cheesecake

Karen said...

1. Life Actually.
2. Nothing too deep. Just that it covers most of the random topics in my life that I post about.
3. Oboe. But I'm no good with any instrument requiring blowing because I have very poor breath control.
4. Simultaneously making sense of George Orwell's 1984 and J.I.Packer's Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God. A difficult task...
5. Creme brulee. Closely followed by lemon delicious pudding.

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Vanishing Point

2. It's very complex, as you'd expect, and has several(3) meanings:

a) it's a drawing term, and I do drawings
b) It's where I come to get away from ho-hum life, a little haven
c)with most posts, I start out with a point,but by the end I've forgotten what it was..

4.turning any shrub I can get my hands on in to a potential bonsai

5. Lemon things. My wife made a lemon slice the other week that I ate about 80% of. I had no contrrol over myself.

Bonnie said...

1. C'est Bon. But I'm rubbish at it and don't blog anymore.
2. a play on my name - Bonnie.
3. Cello
4. Pinterest
5. in summer: pavlova. in winter: sticky date pudding.

Nathan said...

1. St. Eutychus, Venn Theology, The Beanstalker.
2. a) I think the story of Eutychus in Acts 20 is hilarious. Imagine that being your legacy, falling asleep while arguably the world's second most famous preacher is preaching. b) I like Venn diagrams and I think theology overlaps with life. c) I thought it was a good coffee pun. Coffee beans are magic beans.
3. Banjo.
4. Trying to combat the Russian Hackers who are attempting to control the above blogs.
5. Creme Caramel. But ask me again tomorrow.

onlinesoph said...

1. The Fountainside. Yes, you're lovely Ben.
2. A random quote from a Phillip Yancey book: "I die of thirst, here at the fountainside." I think it's from a poem by a guy called Richard Wilbur. It's supposed to be about how we still crave things, even though God has given us everything we need for life...something pretentious like that.
3.guitar definitely.
4. Knitting. And checking the stats on my blog.
5. Snowmen made of carrot sorbet.

onlinesoph said...

PS - Bonnie, you were a brilliant blogger. I can't wait till you decide to blog again.

Deb said...

1. "Please don't hold it against me" - but I don't actually have a blog.
2. Because I'm too scared to start a blog because I can't stand the thought of looking back on myself in three years time and thinking, "I said what?!"
3. Guitar - I learnt just enough to get me through some Sunday School songs if called upon but I wish I knew how to play it better.
4. Compassion International.
5. Cassava cake.

Ruth said...

1. 'The little children'
2. When I started it I had lots of little children, but mostly because that's the way we are to receive God's kingdom - Luke 18:16-17.
3. Guitar. I've always wanted to be able to play guitar - so much more transportable than a piano, and easier to sing along to than a trumpet. I also love the oboe, and would like to have learned that, but I don't think you can switch from trumpet to oboe easily. I'd also love to be able to play the drums.
4. tv - I don't usually watch very much, but have been so sick lately that I'm becoming surprisingly addicted and obsessed.
5. gelato

Ruth said...

Bonnie - I keep checking you blog to see if you've updated. Totally not rubbish at it!

Dawn Merz said...

1. Kingfishers Catching Fire
2. It's a line from a Gerard Manly Hopkins poem that we had read at our wedding that is about how God is glimpsed in all things, especially in the features of men's faces and I want my life and my blog to be a reflection on that. The sacred and the ordinary. Mainly the ordinary.
3. Cello. Ideally. Mandolin. Realistically. I think I will go for it one of these days.
4. TV on DVD. And obsessed in a very thwarted way... I think about it obsessively and with two little kids and a husband who is a student, I watch very little.
5. Cheesecake. (Wait, CHOCOLATE!)

Joanna said...

1. I have a defunct blog called Jo Blogs.
2. It's a pun on Joe Bloggs. Meaning an ordinary person.
3. The banjo.
4. My baby. And sleep, dear Lord, sleep.
5. Lemon delicious, the way Grandma used to make it. Or her strawberry parfait.

Bonnie said...

ok. a readership of 2 is good enough for me! I'm back.

Laetitia :-) said...

1. If you have a blog, what is it called? If you don't, what would you call one if you did? (see how inclusive and thoughtful I am?) - "Loquacious Laetitia"
2. What's the meaning behind that name? - You can read it here:
3. An instrument you wish you learned - harmonica or guitar to sing along with.
4. Something you're a bit obsessed with at the moment - assignments (TAFE & TESOL); quilting
5. Your favourite dessert - let them eat cake! I just wanted to say that; actually I like most sweet things that don't have dairy; dairy replacements are fine.

Georgina said...

1. To live is Christ is one, tumblr ferretyness is another.
2. To live is Christ - reminding that when I feel down and wish I could go to heaven, it is more necessary to remain in the body.
3. Guitar - except when I have tried to learn I go "ouch ouch"...
4. Hmmm, sleep? So tired!
5. Lemon Meringue Pie/Vanilla Slice (it's a tie)

KIM said...

1. kirribillikim

2. the suburb of sydney where my church is, that i love, that also happens to be a cool word that is alliterative with + my name :)

3. none. really not that into instruments.

4. candles. i had never, ever, ever been a candles sort of girl and could not for the life of me understand people who were ... but then my room started to smell moldy and i was afraid the boys wouldn't be so impressed so i started buying candles ... and now it seems i can't stop!

5. homemade donuts, hands down.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Al- yeah lemon is good. Acts is a good thing to be obsessed with.

Pedro- I have fond memories of us playing guitar at work. 'k sharp, straight to it!'

Cj- I'm a bit relieved Masterchef is over so that the obsession doesn't waste my evenings anymore

Wendy- I think with great fondness of camping, but we never do it. Haven't really since I was a kid. But I'd love it to become a 'thing; for my fam.

Karen- nice dessert choices. yum. Oboe, hey? I played the euphonium as a kid. Gotta love the brass and woodwind sections.

Bonnie- I agree with the others. I liked your blog, and still check it from time to time to see if there's any activity.

Nath- am pumped about the Russian hackers. You're like the blog James Bond.

Soph- I've liked seeing the different incarnations of the Fountainside. The current one is really getting momentum. Keep it up!

Deb- Aw, part of the fun is looking back over what you wrote a couple years back. Go on, give it a shot!

Ruth- Yours and Craigs' were the first blogs I ever read, and what inspired me to have a crack. thanks.

Dawn- mandolin realisticly? You're ambitious! I love your blogs name. was telling my daughter the other day that the kingfisher is my favourite bird (which is a big call, because I like birds a lot!)

Jo- I liked your old blog. Any thoughts of getting back into it? With a newborn you should have SO much spare time.. And yeah, how massive a thing does sleep become? You crave it!

Laetitia- the good thing about the harmonica if you play a bit of guitar, is that you can just blow a bit of whatever, while strumming, and iit still sounds pretty good.

George-you just have to push past the ouch ouch stage and than you're fine. I have little delicate lady fingers, but I get by. The callouses come pretty quick.

Kim- but the question is, are the candles taking away the mouldy smell, or just disguising it? Is there an old banana skin in your room somewhere?

kristina said...

1. "Say Anything" although I haven't in months.
2. It means the blog isn't very specific- I write whatever I feel like writing.
3. Guitar.
4. Finding a way to get connected to the internet. I hate being so isolated. My phone, net, and tv are very limited because of my location, and lack of funds.
5. Anything chocolate.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hey Kris- I really like your blog, you should keep it up. y'know, if I remember correctly your 3x Thursday was the inspiration for my Monday Quiz way back in the day.