Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Quiz

1. Don't you hate it when..

2. Do eggs go in the fridge?

3. What excites you?

4. What doesn't?

5. Something you'd like to do before the year's out


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Don't you hate it when..

2. Do eggs go in the fridge?

3. What excites you?

4. What doesn't?

5. Something you'd like to do before the year's out

Pedro said...

1. People think they are the only ones on the road...
2. Yes.
3. Surfing
4. Housework
5. Freedive to deeper than 10 metres...

Deb said...

1. You reach to get something out of the back of the pantry and knock the opened corn flour packet out on to the floor? Twice in one week.
2. Yes.
3. A friend who thought they couldn't have a baby finding out they are pregnant!
4. Returning phone calls you know are going to result in more work.
5. Get my small children to school on time without a fuss.

Ruth said...

1. you wake up in the morning, only to discover you didn't have to be up for another few hours, cause it's only 3am!
2. yes - if you want them to last longer.
3. hearing my kids playing and giggling happily together.
4. hearing the kids bicker and say mean things to each other.
5. have the skill of being able to write a realistically achievable daily 'to-do' list.

Wendy said...

1. You accidentally leave some defrosting meat out all night and it is spoiled.
2. Yes
3. Planning an adventure.
4. Cleaning
5. Write and submit some more articles/meditations.

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. MasterChef is over for the season.
2. Yes
3. Handing in assignments, and starting a volunteer job at St George Christian School Library.
4. Starting a volunteer job at St George Christian School Library
5. Get a permanent paying job.

KIM said...

1. you're standing outside the door of the bus you want and the driver refuses to open the door?

2. absolutely!!! do you want to die of e coli or salmonella?? or both?! (this, incidently, never happens when you eat raw eggs in cookie dough. special magic in the universe.)

3. if you ask my friends -- just about EVERYTHING!

4. boring people, grr!

5. write that book. ahem.

Nathan said...

1. You can't think of a witty answer to a quiz question that will make people want to read my blog.
2. Where else? No. Seriously?
3. New gadgets.
4. Essay writing.
5. Come up with a witty answer to a quiz question that makes people want to read my blog.

Jessica said...

Glad the vote is for eggs in the fridge. My flatmate keeps them in the pantry, but how is that safe? Unless eggs are like tinned tuna.

maso said...

1.'re continually interupted/bombarded at work
2. Yep. I'm from North Queensland ... everything goes in the fridge.
3. the prospect of a day at the coast
4. Jane Eyre
5. surf Tea Tree Bay at Noosa National Park one arvo

Karen said... have to get the house cleaned up and cook something for supper for church Committee of Management meeting tonight and you just can't be bothered doing any of it.
2. Yes.
3. What Deb said.
4. Loss of creativity and imagination for blog posts. I think it's because I'm pregnant. My current habit of posting YouTube videos is just a cop-out.
5. Have a baby when it's actually due to arrive and NOT earlier....

Alistair Bain said...

1. .. the rubbish truck wakes you up. And you forgot it was coming.
2. Yes
3. Having friends round for a curry.
4. being alone.
4. Read 1 book from cover to cover.

Laetitia :-) said...

1. Don't you hate it top-up your public transport card but then forget to swipe it at the beginning of your trip which will result in paying a higher price to get through the gates at the other end or a lecture from the PT officers if they're on your train.

2. Do eggs go in the fridge? - Yep. And I perfectly understand maso on this since we lived in Mackay for 3 years.

3. What excites you? - Craft.

4. What doesn't? - Learning the controls for a new piece of technology (PVR in this case)...I wish Ian (hubby) could just do a brain-dump for me.

5. Something you'd like to do before the year's out - go to NZ.

simone r said...

1. Bananas are $12.99 per kg?
2. Where else would they go?
3. 25 10 year olds playing 'Boulevard of Broken dreams' on their ukuleles, pretty much correctly and in time, while trying to sing along. My favourite bit it when they nail the tricky E7 chord at the end of the chorus and cheer in unison.
4. Having to teach regular classroom year three this friday. Australian animals, anyone? I'm yawning already.
5. Eat bananas.

Anonymous said...

1. Don't you have it when your bladder is urging you to go to the toilet when all you want to do is stay in bed :P

2. Eggs go in my fridge, but my parents' keep theirs outside the fridge.



5. See my sister in Japan

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. You get a dvd out and it starts jumping and gets stuck. They're not coasters, people!

2. I wasn't sure, thanks for setting me straight.

3. Bonsai, Krazy Kat and black metal

4. Work

5. Visit my brother in Tassie.

Beth said...

1. People are texting or talking on their cell phone while driving!!

2. Yes.

3. Trying out new restaurants.

4. Doing the dishes.

5. Have a job!!!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Pedro- I'd be lucky to freedive ONE metre

Deb-Returning phone calls of any description gets me unexcited.

Ruth- I kept doing that last night.. 1am. 3am. 4:30am.. Doh!

Wendy- It's also annoying when you don't put the meat in the freezer fast enough, leaving it in the fridge for a few days, by which time it's pretty borderline..

Cj- all the best with the job

Kim- okay, okay, I just thought maybethe egg had some sort of cool built in system meaning the contents would stay good at room temperature.

Nath- aha! so that's why you comment..

Jess- But the egg is airtight.. I believe that maybe there's some cool system at work that we are not making use of because we are so quick to rush to the fridge.

More soon..

Laetitia :-) said...

Sorry, Ben - eggs are not airtight. If you try incubating eggs in an airtight container you'll suffocate the growing embryo.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Drats. Lousy Science For Life.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Maso- I can understand your unexcitement about Jane Eyre, but I'd encourage you to open your heart and get in touch with your femine side for a couple of hours, brother.

Karen-I know what you mean about blog posts. Sometimes it feels too hard! Hope all's going well with the pregnancy.

Al-I have the same problem with books, it's hopeless. I have book A.D.D.

Laetitia-a brain dump sounds efficient, but also very messy. I'd be inclined to put some old towels down first.

Simone- Yeah I saw them for $13.99 the other day. I long for a banana.

Elsie- Yeah that happens to me about every two hours, every night.

Beth- Hey Beth, long time no see! I especially hate when drivers have the phone in one hand, and the other on the wheel, so they don't bother indicating..GRR!

Georgina said...

Hi Benny, I know I'm late but it's been a heck of a week:
- Visit to Canberra over weekend for brother's 40th
- Worked Sunday afternoon trying to finish work I should've finished on Friday before driving, slowly, through horrible traffic, to Canberra, to get there late
- Coming back to Sydney
- Taking my aunt to church
- Driving to my grandma's funeral
- Being in the QandA audience

- Getting back to work
- Going to National ceremony at Opera House to receive my big award
- Going out to dinner with my Dad and WSM (wicked stepmother)
- Going to the gym
- Going to my friend Jess' India night where we heard about her mission trip to India.
- Collapsing exhausted on my bed on Saturday, where I currently remain.

Oops, I have completed neglected to answer the questions.

1. I hate it when I have so little time at home my house turns into a disaster and I collapse into bed every night from sheer exhaustion (see above!)
2. Absoloodle - they last longer
3. Going to USA/Canada with my Dad in 2 weeks today!
4. Fear of being with my Dad for 4 weeks non-stop
5. Survive going away with my Dad for 4.5 weeks!

Laetitia :-) said...

Ben - $7.99 / kg at my local green grocer - sometimes it pays to live in a lower socio-economic area (I also have a bulk-billing doctor).

Georgina - your life sounds as hideously hectic as mine - enjoy your trip!

Ben McLaughlin said...

George- hectic! I hope the ceremony was cool:)