Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fine Dining

I was thinking about my favourite foods, trying to mentally create a top 10 list, and trying to work out what would fill the ultimate number 1 spot. I think it might be coloured popcorn.

This is perhaps the most delicious thing in the world, and I see no reason why I couldn't eat it happily, three meals a day until I died. Which, were that my sole dietary intake would be approximately seven weeks, if my science serves me correctly. Which it usually does.

Some close runner up's:


-roast lamb with gravy and mint sauce
-chicken wings
-avocado with French dressing
-cauliflower with white sauce
-Jatz with butter and Vegemite
-Cadbury fruit n' nut

But all of these must take a step back and bow down before the throne of coloured popcorn.


Pedro said...

Coloured pops eh? Almost as revolting as Fruit Loops.
Chocolate donuts. Ooh yeah.
haven't touched one in ages. They are calories personified. Well, donutified.

Love a good traditional pasta / pizza

Mum's chicken curry

Good raisin toast

Yeah, loving the fruit 'n' nut as well. Haven't touched any of that in ages as well.

Oh, and our home made fruit / vegie juice.

Karen said...

If you'd said caramel popcorn I'd have been with you.

Ali said...

Ben, I can't quite believe you are serious on the coloured popcorn vote - chewy, stale horrible stuff that leaves bits in your teeth. I mean, it's SOOO bad I can't redeem it at all.

But florentines, now, florentines I understand. Mmmm mmm. I am with you there!

Beth said...

Hmmm....have never had nor seen colored popcorn.

Deb L said...

Hey, Ben, totally off topic but I couldn't be bothered trying to find an old bonsai topic to write this in... Have you seen this bonsai? Awesome.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Pedro- Don't be dissing Fruit Loops, thankyou very much.

Karen- Oh yeah. Remember Lolly Gobble Bliss Blombs? Delish!!

Ali- How can you say that? You can clearly see on the packet the words 'always fresh'. How cynical to think this was not true.

Beth- Condolences.

Deb- Wow, thanks for the link, they are very cool!

Erin said...

Just had to comment on this one - I started reading your blog recently. When two of your friends recommend a blog, I figure it's worth checking out.

Anyway, as to this post - we had an MTS worker who had a top ten favourite foods list. He would frequently exclaim how much he loved a particular food, and that it was one of his top ten favourites. Except we started counting and discovered there were at least 15 on the list. For his birthday one year a bunch of us got together and made his top 10-15 foods. It was a great night, particularly as we waiting for it to dawn on him what was happening. He subsequently wrote a short story on it, which has now been published in a book edited by Kel Richards.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hello Erin, thankyou for reading:)

That's a great story! He must have felt very loved, I'd say.