Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)
Huldra Forsvant (Theodor Kittelsen)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Quiz

A Monday quiz for Tuesday..

1. A saying you like
2. Something you have a love/hate relationship with
3. A show you're into at the moment
4. Plain packaging for cigarette packets: good idea or bad idea?
5. Your favourite item of clothing at the moment


Ben McLaughlin said...

1. A saying you like
2. Something you have a love/hate relationship with
3. A show you're into at the moment
4. Plain packaging for cigarette packets: good idea or bad idea?
5. Your favourite item of clothing at the moment

Crazyjedidiah said...

1. The proof is in the pudding.
2. Centrelink.
3. Downton Abbey, I'm also quite into Doctor Who however it is on a mid season break.
4. I think it's a good idea but maybe my opinion doesn't count cause I have never smoked and i have never been tempted, however I would like to say I find the anti plain packaging add a dodgy add.
5. Probably my Tafe Sydney hoodie.

onlinesoph said...

1. don't count your chickens before they hatch
2. broadway shopping centre.
3. Offspring
4. a good idea, but I don't think it will do much as smoking is an addiction
5. scarfs!

Pedro said...

(this is Pedro on Claire's rig)

1. 'When the flag drops the bullshit stops"
2. My sweet tooth
3. The King of Queens
4. Yep. Good idea.
5, My adidas shorts. Never off me.

Nathan said...

1. Any mixed metaphor.
2. Mixed metaphors.
3. Community.
4. Neither. A good idea would be to cut health funding for smoking related illness.
5. I am enjoying my snuggie. Does that count as an item of clothing?

Rhonda Watson said...

1. you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it stand on its head and gargle
2. My feeding tube and formula. It keeps me alive, but it keeps me trapped too.
3. Breaking Bad season 2
4. bad idea. Not the best way to address the issue.
5. hand knitted, soft and warm angora socks

Joanna said...

1. You get what you get and you don't get upset.
2. Writing.
3. Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith could make the weakest writing sound like a zinger.
4. I don't object, but I'm not convinced it will do much to dissuade smokers.
5. My k-mart maternity jeans. I have two pairs, worn on constant rotation.

Dawn Merz said...

1. Substantial Healing. Well, a phrase I like.
2. Chocolate. Love it. Hate how it disappears when I am near it.
3. West Wing. Again. Have only seen the first two seasons and I'm starting over and will watch it all. I'm a loser. And feel very patriotic when watching it.
4. Whatever. Go for it.
5. Green velvet warm dressing gown. My winter favorite for the last 15 years or so.

KIM said...

1. when the excrement hits the ceiling apparatus

2. can it be a someone?

3. house ... and sherlock. theme, anyone?

4. heh. not really sure.

5. black leggings. was initially opposed, but then discovered they allow me to wear those tops that aren't christianly long enough to be dresses as dresses!! :)

maso said...

1. it's not rocket surgery
2. TV
3. 6:30 (encore screening)
4. meh, don't object, but doubt it'll do that much good
5. black Denali rain jacket ... if only it'd rain a bit so I could wear it

Wendy said...

1. Only dull women have immaculate houses. (Probably just a quote, not a "saying" per se, but I still like it.)
2. Seasons
3. CSI
4. I think they are pretty desperate to be fighting over this. But I'm also with Crazyjedidiah about not probably counting for an opinion.
5. T-shirts

Georgina said...

1. To live is Christ; to die is gain.
2. McDonalds. I love it when I eat it, but regret it afterwards.
3. Go Back To Where You Came From
4. Why not? Can't hurt!!
5. Ugg boots :)

Ben McLaughlin said...

1. Don't cooee till you're through the bush
2. The monday quiz
3. Offspring
4. Good
5. My flannelette shirts

Laetitia :-) said...

1. A saying you like - "Wishin' ain't havin'." - a WG Bailey (aka Dad) special.
2. Something you have a love/hate relationship with - work (6 week job in level of reasonable responsibility and little background knowledge when walking into meetings (so MANY meetings!) lead to being fairly stressed. I may feel like I love it in 3 weeks time when I'm almost leaving but right now I have my doubts.
3. A show you're into at the moment - The Young Ones - another ABC special series about people in their 70s and 80s living in a 70's house for a week to see if it makes them think, act and feel younger.
4. Plain packaging for cigarette packets: good idea or bad idea? - as a non-smoker I'd like to see it tried - worst that can happen is it won't work.
5. Your favourite item of clothing at the moment - polar fleece vest with high neck that can act as a pseudo-scarf when I have forgotten my scarf. It also has pockets which is always a bonus in winter for cold hands (and somewhere to stash gloves when not in use).

Ben McLaughlin said...

CJ- I really dislike that ad, and that 'no nanny state' garbage. It sounds like a sulky little toddler- I know I'm killing myself but shut up, I'm allowed if I want to!'

Soph- I'm liking Offspring a lot. Sad that I can't watch the wednesday episodes.

Ped- Never off you? Sounds smelly.

Nathan- What IS a snuggie? I keep picturing Linus' blanket.

Rhonda- Hello! I got a big surprise seeing your comment here. Great to hear from you, and read about what is happening for you. You will be in my prayers.

Jo- I've only been catching bits of Downton Abbey. Will have to just wait for dvd I think to watch it properly.

Dawn- Wow. Green velvet. That's something you don't see as often as you'd like to.

Kim- yep there's mamy mamy people I have love/hate relo's with.

Maso- don't know what Denali is, but it sounds flash.

Wendy- I like two seasons, and could do without the other two.

G- I have a love/love relationship with McDonalds. sadly my wife has a hate/hate one.

Laetitia- that sounds like an interesting show. Will have to keep an eye out.